To quote from Catherine Ponder's book, "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity," " . . . the masses today are lonely—lonely for a spiritual way of life that isn't just theory and doctrine, but one that works to produce health, harmony, and abundance in their lives."

In one sentence, that awesome writer reveals why most Christian churches have cold pews. The people are not being fed!

I have known this truth for many years, having gone on a sincere search for a spirit filled church way back in 1992. Each Sunday morning I would visit a different church building. Not one was filled to overflowing. Not one was alive. I remember wondering why the people who were there would return week after week. They were all dead!

The incident that triggered my search was that I had been healed of a lump in my breast by watching a television evangelist, who travels the world with a healing ministry. The night I was healed this concept was foreign to me.

My then fiancé had been telling me of his own personal experiences with physical healings wrought by the Hand of God, but at that point it had not become real to me. That night, in the Fall of 1991, it became dramatically real for me.

I was so clueless that, in my naiveté, I actually expected to find that same power working in every Christian church (as it should be). Sadly, it wasn't.

I believe that the core problem cited above is the reason Christianity has fallen so far out of favor with so many. They just do not realize the depth of it, because no one has taught them, and most are too lazy to study the Scriptures for themselves, claiming that they don't understand the Bible.

Duh! The reason for their lack of understanding is their lack of study, as with any other pursuit. I mean, you didn't learn to read by not studying, did you?

Since we all have free will, the Lord is not going to push Himself on you, but when you move in His direction, He will be there for you to lead, guide, and teach you. And that is how your faith is developed, by hearing the Word of God. Hearing is not only from listening to others, but by listening to your own voice read the Scriptures inside your own head or aloud.

But you're not going to learn unless you actually want to. The desire has to be there. The hunger has to be there. And the consistency has to be there.

Many will say they don't have the time to study. Been there! But if you will start with five minutes a day, that will get you into the habit. Effortlessly, those five minutes will expand until you are totally reluctant to stop!

In addition to personal study, there are hundreds of radio and television programs and Internet sites, along with books and tapes and CDs to hear the Word from experienced teachers. I highly recommend Andrew Wommack, Mel Bond, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer, Nasir Sidikki, and John Hagee, to name just a few.

Those I just named are at the forefront of what appears to be a return to the basic tenets of Christianity the way Jesus taught it, and not the way of the religiosos and legalists and weird sects who pervert and distort the Word.

To conclude, when you really "get into" the Word, you are in for the ride of your life! :-)

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