..JOURNEY OUT OF Eden........( genesis3)

Last  time we considered the first part of the original sin, which was. The loss Of innocence. 

Eden happens to be the place of purpose, work, and divine assignment. In life, we all have a purpose, a special assignment we came to deliver on earth. One thing is to discover your assignment, the next is to stay in the assignment. Every assignment, has its requirements, every work has its rules and regulations. Breaking these rules would lead you journeying out of your Eden.

The first couple, displayed what can make one to journey out of His Eden (assignment).

1) the loss of innocence.
When you start talking to the wrong people, when you start engaging in the conversations you should not, when you start accepting things you should not, when your senses starts dictating  how you live, and when your priorities are misplaced, note that you are on the verge of losing your innocence. The lose of innocence is the first stage of leaving your assignment. Therefore, guard against such. More so, the lose of innocence leads to guilt mentality which takes away your authority and liberty. As you know, life abhors vacuum, thus the exit of innocence opens the door for guilt. This guilt mentality, leads to the loss of confidence and trust which affects relationships and productivity

2)when you start hiding from profitable relationships
One thing that marveled me in the narration of the FALL was that the couple started hiding from the presence of God. When you begin to avoid profitable relationships, it is evident that you are about to be evicted from your Eden. They started avoiding the very person they should be accountable to, this attitude is a sure way of losing treasured contacts, associations and destiny path. Stop hiding from people you should be accountable to, stay connected to those who make you better, and those who challenge you for greatness. When you run away from accountability, you are on the verge of meeting your doom. More so, always have someone who questions your actions and inactions.

3)when you start complicating life.
When God showed up, He called Adam, and asked "where are you?" a simple and direct question, but in reply, Adam complicated everything by giving a very useless answer, " I heard your voice, i was afraid because, i was naked, i hid myself." looking at the question God asked and the answer adam gave, there is no correlation between them. Life and life principles are easy and simple, any addition to the fundamentals of living, brings about a strain and quarrel. Adam's answer caught him in the web of judgement. From the look of things Adam never learnt, God asked another question " have you eaten of the tree I asked you not to" his response was another complication, instead of saying a simple " yes", he ended up pulling poor eve into the scene. Every form of complication in life opens the door of eviction from ones Eden ( assignment).

4) irresponsibility 
The show of high irresponsibility was displayed by the couple. They have eaten the fruit, they have broken the trust God gave them, no body forced them into their actions. However, when confronted with their offense, Adam blamed Eve, and when Eve was asked, she pointed the serpent. Then who will the serpent blame? One is about to lose a place in destiny when, you start blaming others for your wrongs. The highest point of irresponsibility is the blame game. Adam could have asked for mercy and forgiveness immediately, which may have reduced the magnitude of the offense, but he played smart and lost out. Take responsibility or your actions and inactions.

5) attitude
In the journey of life, attitude is paramount. Your attitude determines your altitude, Adam's attitude towards God, his work in the garden, eve and the snake was really wrong. It looks like Adam was very passive in the garden, or he was nonchalant in his place of assignment ( Eden). He was less concerned in the affairs of the garden, and the result was disastrous. When ever you start getting passive in your life's purpose, eviction is by the corner. When you begin to develope a nonchalant attitude to life, destiny is about to be aborted. True liberty has serious boundaries, be proactive and assertive on your core values.

6) when privilege is denied.
The final journey out of the garden is denial of rights. Every destiny assignment has a right. When those rights are withdrawn, it is a clear sign of assignment eviction. The privilege of being the costudian of the garden was taken from Him, the liberty of authority was withdrawn and in place of privilege, courses were administered. The tree of life was denied man, even though he had the privilege of eating it. When assignment rights are taken from you, it is either you are doing the wrong thing or you have been ejected totally from the assignment. 

the journey out of Eden (assignment) started with just a question, and cumulated to total loss and destructions. Life is  a journey of assignment, any misgiving may wreck it so guard it with all you have.

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Next time we will explore MURDER part 1 (  deadly decisions ) 

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