......THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE .... ( genesis 3)

One of the greatest things to observe is the innocence of a child. Children are simply pure, having a rare form of peace and joy. However, as they grow, there comes dents, which start as little misgivings but grow perpetually until that cute innocence is lost and something else sets in.

We all dread to see a child who can lie, steal or even does things above the speculated age.
In this century, it is apperent that children are losing their innocence faster and in a more alarming rate. This is due to the change in spiritual vibration, which has a tremendous effect on thought patterns and thus, a new awakening in the world.

The fall of mankind from His first estate is due to the ORIGINAL SIN which can be summarized as THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE. Genesis chapter three and four, unveils what  brought about this loss.

1) who are you discussing with?
 Who is talking to you, who are you talking to.
The first step to losing your innocence is when you start a talking relationship with people you should not. Notice the serpent was not of Eves kind. That means it does not have the same value parameters with Eve, a human and a snake do not think on the same frequency. When you start talking to people you should not, you will start hearing what you should not, which will definitely dent your psych, and your innocence is about to crumble.

2) what are you talking about? 
Of all the wonders of creation, it was only that tree that they were talking about. 
They did not see the beauty of the garden, or even the how the work in the garden  is going, the entire conversation was on a sacred tree. Eve could have told the serpent, that it is not its business and the matter ends.
When you start to talk about things you should not with who you should not, you are about to be misled and your innocence is about to be stolen. Notice also, that the first statement came as a question. This shows, that not all questions are meant to be responded to, in fact learn how to ignore the wrong questions of life.

3) When you accept things you should not.
Adam never engaged in the conversation, he never spoke with the wrong person, but he accepted something he should not have accepted.
This is too simple, not all gifts are acceptable. Not all charities are pure and necessary. The person offering the gift maybe right as in the case of Adam, but if the gift is not right please do not compromise. Destinies and many greatness have been slaughtered on the altar of dubious gifts. One of the easiest means of losing ones innocence is through accepting what seems like a "good will". 

4) when your senses determine your judgement.
..."and Eve saw"... If what you see, hear, taste, feel and perceive (smell) determines your actions, you are on the verge of losing your innocence. Temptations are received through the senses, so check and be sure that what your senses are feeding you are in sync with the foundation you have been given. Eve had a clear instruction, DO NOT EAT, so even in her ignorance of evil and good, she knew the right thing to do. But she allowed her senses to rule her. Test everything through the light of the Spirit.

5) Misplaced priorities.
One painful thing in life is doing the right things at the wrong times and the wrong things at the right times. In that same garden, there was a tree of LIFE, and God never told them not to eat it, so they were free to eat of it. However, they ate the wrong fruit before the right one. Knowledge is never above life, rather LIFE sustains knowledge. Any time your desire for knowledge outweighs your passion in life, your innocence is at stake. Imagine that they first ate of the tree of Life, but they did not.
There is always a particular time for everything, do the first things first.

Losing ones innocence is the hallmark of the original sin. Because from that one act, every other thing emerged. Knowing what you should not is very dangerous, censor what you get acquainted to, not all knowledge is good for you.


This is the first part of THE ORIGINAL SIN, next time, we will explore, .part 2......JOURNEY OUT OF EDEN....

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Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God's word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books, and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract™