Our sleep finds comfort in our mattress, so it is necessary to keep our mattress in good condition. Our mattress lies safe and shielded beneath a mattress protector. Though we mostly don’t consider buying mattress protectors, it is a necessity. And here are the reasons you need one:
Keep the mattress fresh, clean and hygienic
Increase the durability of the mattress
Validate the utility of mattress warranty
Prevent health issues caused by objectionable pests like bed bugs and dust mites
The usual norm is whenever we find a need to replace our old mattress with a new one we shop for a mattress that suits us the best. We sense contentment when we complete this shopping with accompanying bed sheets, pillows and pillow covers. Seldom do we realize that we are missing out on the most important accessory of our mattress, the mattress protector. As the very name suggests, a mattress protector safeguards our mattress in the following ways:
Ensures Cleanliness
Every minute a lot of dead skin cells fall off from our bodies. Though invisible to the naked eye, this is a routine happening. This process continues even during our sleep. We sleep on our mattress and so the mattress becomes a depot of such dead cells. We breathe in and out even during sleep, so our sweat also makes its way into the mattress. Our bed sheets cannot propel our dead skin cells or sweat away from our mattress. Rather the bed sheets also become soiled and demand periodic washing. It’s the mattress protector which can save the mattress from such dirt and debris.
Increases the Durability of the Mattress
Our mattress cannot be washed. It can only be vacuum cleaned. Dampness from any source can shorten the durability of foam used in the mattress. Common sources of dampness include mistakenly spilt food and drinks, perspiration, bed wetting by kids or urinary incontinence in adults. Apart from the dampness, these sources also leave behind a residual stain and objectionable odour which don’t get away easily with vacuum cleaning. Waterproof mattress protectors, like the ones offered by Wakefit, are the best remedy for averting the wetness on a mattress which in turn increases the durability and hygiene of the mattress.
Helps us to Benefit from the Warranty offered for the Mattress
Mattress manufacturers give us a written guarantee to repair or replace our mattress within a stipulated period of time if there is a fault. This warranty becomes invalid if our mattress is stained or soiled as servicing it would be against strict hygiene and safety regulations. Hence mattress protectors are a must to help us benefit fully from the warranty of the mattress.
Keeps away Objectionable Pests
Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that fall on our mattress. Bed bugs suck our blood and leave the mattress soiled with blood stains. A mattress protector avoids both these objectionable pests from lodging on our mattress. Bed bug bites can cause itchiness in the skin while dust mites cause allergies leading to running nose, shortness of breath, sneezing or even wheezing. Hence mattress protectors are a must to preserve our health during sleep.
Features to look for in a Mattress Protector
A mattress protector should be soft textured and should encase the mattress completely.
It should be resilient and wide enough so that it can be tucked in the corners ensuring no entry for bed bugs and dust mites
It should be waterproof and breathable
It should be wash-friendly and should come with a good warranty
Our mattress is a protector of our relaxation and hence it has to be protected in the right way with the mattress protector. Having been convinced on buying a mattress protector, your busy schedule and confusion on where to buy are no longer constraints, as you can buy a mattress protector online also.

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