One of Christianity's most positive traits is the way in which it can appeal and offer hope to everyone, regardless of their station in life, education or the hardships they have endured. Its tenets inspire scholars and simpletons alike with their warmth, altruism and the promise of better things to come to those who are willing to believe in something greater than themselves.

Even though there are many different and wonderful passages to draw upon as examples of this, nothing comes as close to the essence of Christianity’s meaning as the Lord’s Prayer in the Bible. The devout words of love for the heavenly father taught to us by Jesus himself are a simple yet immensely meaningful representation of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional affection. These are the central themes that inspire untold millions of people across the globe to be compassionate, kind and brave in the face of adversity.

The words to the Lord’s Prayer are an important part of a Christian’s ongoing personal relationship with God, serving not just as a formula that needs to be recited in order to satisfy tradition or form, but as a familiar belief that expresses many individual hopes and fears one believes God has the power and willingness to help with.

This is reason enough that the Lord’s Prayer has the dubious honor of being displayed on all manner of Christian gift items, done in good as well as in bad taste. It’s the message that counts the most of course, and good gifts for Christians put it at the forefront.

A Lord’s Prayer necklace by Nano Jewelry is an apt example of how such a powerful symbol of faith can be incorporated into a good gift idea for men with decorum and respect. Its elegant oval frame and smooth onyx stone are lovely in their own right, but they only serve as the backdrop for the centerpiece of this dainty silver necklace – a breathtaking inscription of the Lord’s Prayer itself created using pure 24 karat gold.

Special consideration and attention to detail has been given to making the prayer shine in all its glory. From the complex ornamentation to the flowing gothic script, everything has been designed to draw the viewer’s attention to its words and the deeper meaning contained within. An even more interesting fact about this Christian necklace is that its inscription cannot be reproduced since no one else is able to replicate inscriptions like this with the same precision, making an item that’s already a piece of jewelry with meaning into an individual, cherished gift.

When it comes down to making a lasting impression, both on the hearts of the faithful and on the eyes of those that appreciate grace, simplicity is the obvious and more impactful choice. As this fine example shows, there’s no need to overburden gifts such as womens and mens Christian necklaces with dramatic imagery or florid messages when the beauty of heartfelt prayer coupled with a keen eye for design can achieve so much more.

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Nano Jewelry, one of industry’s most preferred jewelers is pleased to announce the launch of new designer necklace line inspired by history, ingenuity and love. Displaying an exquisite ensemble of unique designs, the new collection comprises of necklaces with artistic 24K gold inspirations with different themes.