The Journey Of Life
The journey of life ultimately comes down to who we are, every step we take is related to everything that’s within. We all come into the world with a certain psychology, one that’s made of the same components as everyone else.

Life gives different situations to everyone, and all of these make those components develop in their own way, making some of us have certain emotions stronger than some people, others having thoughts that dominate the mind more than they do in different people, and so on.

Part of this esoteric journey is to discover everything we are within. It’s part of discovering life, and it’s in really seeing the things that are inside of us that starts to open up the possibility of changing, of becoming a better thing, and ultimately in becoming a truly spiritual being.

We need to understand something to be able to change it, and when it comes to who we are we only ever understand the things we’re able to see.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the structure of a person’s psychology, and then in a post that will follow this one I’ll give a practice to try where we can see these things for ourselves. I’d recommend giving the practice a good go, because it’s the practice that will start to give us insights into these things, and it’s actually a very enjoyable thing to do.

Also it’s what lets us know if these things are real, which is very important because real knowledge comes from experience. It’s better to base knowledge on what’s gone through rather than on beliefs, and spiritual things can be experienced, it just takes doing the right things to be able to do it.

Our psyche is made up of 3 different parts:

1) The Consciousness

2) The Subconscious

3) The Personality

The consciousness is basically what we really are, it’s the thing that experiences. It’s been referred to as the ‘essence’ in different teachings and it’s a basic spiritual part of ourselves. It’s a spark of a much more spiritual part, and it’s from the consciousness that things such as love, compassion, peace, wisdom and other spiritual feelings come from.

The subconscious has been theorised by people as being a sort of hidden, unknowable wisdom inside of us, but for anyone who tries to see their psyche for what it really is, they’ll see that the subconscious is really the darkness inside of a human being. It’s made up of many different aspects which different modern spiritual writers have called ‘egos’ - all the different forms of fear, pride, anger, lust, sadness, etc. that’s inside of us.

All these different egos stem from our time in the animal kingdom; they’re what causes animals to act as they do and are such a huge part of the harshness of nature, where things kill or be killed, and there’s much suffering. Animals need these things to survive because their consciousness hasn’t reached a state yet where it could live so independently, as humans we have these things inside of us but we’ve also reached a stage where we can live without them, living a life based on the egos opposites like love and peace.

“For he who has not known himself has known nothing, but he who has known himself has at the same time already achieved knowledge about the depth of the all.”

~ The Book of Thomas the Contender

The effect of the egos can be seen in the world today. As humans we’re more complex than animals and have a more complex mind. This allows us to do a lot, but when driven by the impulses of the egos it can cause us to commit terrible acts on a scale an animal could never imagine, like the development of sophisticated weaponry to destroy others or the harm being done to the environment.

Even though we all know that these things are awful, they still keep happening because the impulses to make them happen are still written inside of us, and we follow along mostly enslaved by these animal desires.

Although as humans we have more consciousness than animals, most of it is still embedded inside of the egos. Every ego has a particle of consciousness trapped inside of it. This spiritual work of understanding ourselves and the journey of self-realisation involves seeing the egos for what they are and reducing and eventually eliminating them from ourselves.

When we do this the piece of consciousness it held comes back to us, only it now has understanding about that aspect -say a form of fear for example- and we’ve gained the virtue that ego held back,like bravery in this case, as well as getting a deeper knowledge of good and evil from having overcome a part of the darkness within us.

The personality is the third part of the psyche. It’s basically a type of body that starts to form when a person is born and acts as a vehicle the consciousness and subconscious can use to express themselves. It forms up until around the age of 7, and is formed by the different situations a person goes through in their life. Even though a person can learn new things, gain different opinions and different feelings can become very strong from circumstances that happen after that age, by around that stage the mould is formed and someone can be recognisably the same type of person later in life as they were at that stage.

At death when the consciousness goes through its own process beyond, the personality can still be seen in the astral plane acting out the traits of the person. This is what most people see when they see a ghost.!The-Journey-Of-Life/xx984/573e7bcb0cf28f6d2bce2863

Michael J Robey
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator


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Michael Robey​
Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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