When a woman is pregnant, her body faces many numbers of changes. Therefore, not only her weight but other parts of her body also get affected. It is important to maintain oral health during pregnancy, as the body of the woman who is pregnant sees a lot of hormonal changes.

The hormonal changes that have been mentioned above can increase the risk of a woman who is pregnant to get gum diseases, which can also affect the health of the baby developing inside of her. Therefore, the article highlights the importance of and tips for Oral Care during pregnancy as well as afterwards.

Importance Of Oral Health During Pregnancy

As mentioned above a woman while pregnant is at a greater risk of getting gum diseases. Therefore, it is important that good oral care is given as it helps the woman and her baby to remain healthy.
Visiting the dentist once a woman is pregnant can help her doctor create a plan specific for her that ensures that no adverse effect of oral diseases is caused during her pregnancy.

While pregnant, there is a rise in the progesterone levels in a woman’s body, which causes an exaggerated response of the gums on the plaque. Pregnant women could get the following Gum Diseases.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

According to studies, 50 to 70 percent of women who are pregnant may experience pregnancy gingivitis at least once during her pregnancy.

Swollen or tender gums could be an indicator of pregnancy gingivitis, and it has been noted that periodontal diseases could be a reason for low birth weight babies or preterm babies. Therefore, extreme caution needs to be taken in such cases.

The following tips can be taken to avoid pregnancy gingivitis-
• Brushing twice a day
• Flossing after every meal
• Regular visits to the dentist
• Using a mouthwash that is not alcohol based and ensuring that the entire mouth is squeaky clean.

Other things to look out for-
• Gums that are redder in color than normal.
• Gums that bleed while eating hard foods or while brushing.
• Swollen gums.
• Tender Gums.

Oral Care During Pregnancy

• Oral care during pregnancy also needs to be given as much as the kind of diet a pregnant woman needs to follow. Provided below are a few tips that every pregnant woman should consider-

• Visit the dentist immediately after the knowledge of conception. The doctor will be able to draw up an oral Health Care plan, and any dental procedure of importance can be done in that instant. However, optional dental procedures should be postponed until after the delivery.

• Provide your dentist with all the medication that will be required to be taken during the pregnancy. The dentist can alter the dental plan in accordance to that.

• If required, a dental X-ray can also be taken. The doctor will ensure that the woman and the baby will be protected from any harmful radiation.

• Regular dental checkups with the dentist, and any changes experienced in the gums should be intimated to the doctor as they could be a symptom of periodontal disease.
• Following good oral hygiene such as brushing twice a day, avoiding acidic food, etc. to be safeguarded against any oral health problems.

Morning sickness and Oral Health-

Every woman who is pregnant may once or at more occasions, experience morning sickness. This can have quite an impact on the teeth of the woman.

If as a pregnant woman, you end up vomiting, try not to brush your teeth immediately. It is because the sickness creates an acidic environment in the mouth, which makes the enamel soft. Brushing on top of that only adds to that damage.

Therefore, if you experience morning sickness, try and rinse your mouth with water and mouthwash that does not contain Alcohol.

Oral care after pregnancy-

If after giving birth, a mother experiences any gum problems, then visit the dentist becomes impertinent. She should get her entire mouth evaluated.

The dentist will also have to ensure that the medicines she will be taking do not affect the child in any manner, as the first few months, the baby is only to drink the mother’s milk.


As the article above, it is evident that it is important to maintain oral health not just during the pregnancy but also afterward. Everything Health requires that you do everything in your power to ensure that you deliver a baby who is healthy and also ensure that you are healthy as well. Follow the above tips for oral health during pregnancy as well as afterward, which have been mentioned above.

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