Do thermogenic girdles and ointments serve to eliminate accumulated fat in some areas of my body?

We often hear these and other questions when we talk about Fitness and Wellness, but it is important to approach true professionals who provide us with the right information. Unfortunately a survey has explained there is a very high percentage of pseudo coaches who empirically dedicate themselves to this job (8 out of 10 coaches do not have serious certifications or have accredited very simple training of 3 or 5 days of training), with this data we can realize why there are so many people injured in parks, clubs and gyms of different types.

The good news is that there are more and more places that are professionalizing fitness can be search online and that offer very complete curricula by attending certifications or courses that range from 80 hours to 200 hours distributed in 2 and up to 6 months achieving formalize their passion for exercise and preparing them seriously to help others with scientific and innovative resources. You will find places that offer physique training courses on topics such as: functional training, high intensity training, also called HIT training (High Interval Intensity Training), dance, stationary bike and many more, but all these are training methodologies that require a base, a common trunk to later specialize in any of these fashion proposals.

There are public and private institutions that have the prestige and support necessary to become a true Physical Conditioning Professional specializing in strength, in group classes or in aquatic activities depending on your preference. Find out and research before investing in any course.

If you are a beginner and you want to become a fitness instructor or trainer, we recommend you look for courses or certifications that include subjects such as: Anatomy, Physiology, Physical Capabilities, Motor, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Special Populations, Biomechanics, Physical Evaluations and the different means to train : Free weight, Integrated weight, Elastic bands, water training, among others.

Once certified as an instructor / trainer you will have the opportunity to enter the Fitness Industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. Remember that "to be must be", and in the same way it is important to invest in your preparation, because "knowledge is power."

The International Coach Federation (ICF) annually publishes rigorous research worldwide on the world of coaching, with the participation and collaboration of professionals in this field. Among the most revealing data published in the ICF Global Study on Coaching 2016 is of special interest those related to the training and certification of coaching professionals.

More than two thirds of the professional coaches surveyed who during the past year received specific training in coaching, had completed courses of more than 125 hours. The high value that coaching professionals give to education and obtaining certificates in this area is the result of the need for companies and users of qualified professionals, so the most recognized coaches have certifications that support their training and professionalism 

True professionals are people who inspire and motivate others by changing lives by responsibly using their vocation to serve, to transform them positively!

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