When cyber bullying is mentioned people, often think of teenagers on the internet. Well, it goes far beyond teenagers playing around on the internet. Cyber bullying has become a hidden evil that sick, weak-minded people use to exert power, fear, and control over someone.

For quite some time I have been following on Facebook a Native American Elder, who is terminally ill and is spending his last days leaving messages that he is receiving from Spirit. We have become good friends and speak on the telephone. I have never seen such courage and commitment to help others as this man has given during his short time left on this planet. Every day I look forward to going to his page and reading the messages he is receiving from Spirit. The visions he is receiving are far reaching into the future, and I do believe the messages he is channeling are coming directly from the Divine Spirit.

His health is fading fast, and he only has a brief moment left to his life. A few weeks ago people started attacking him on his page and accusing him of being a liar about being terminally ill. I know how sick this man is because he has written his diagnosis to me, and I have spoken to him. They also started attacking him about his visions and his Native American heritage.

This has stressed him beyond what he can take, and he has removed himself from Facebook. This is a sad loss to the thousands that followed him daily. I called him the other day to see how he was doing, and he was struggling to talk, but he was so confused as to why he was targeted for such attacks. I told him the ones who attacked him are nothing and they have to exert their power over someone, so, of course, they pick on the weakest. I said prayers with him and we hung up the phone. Often when you are dying, your mind becomes confused, and this beautiful brother has managed to stay focused despite being on heavy narcotics for the pain that he is in. I admire him tremendously.

I personally went through cyber bullying over two years ago over my psychic abilities, and it was incredibly vicious attacks. A psychic, who wanted to capitalize on channeling, felt great competition from me. This person put out a massive marketing campaign against me, and it was highly effective. I received death threats and lies were spread about me throughout the internet, which to this day still exists. This venomous psychic really knew how to hit the public in a massive way. It damn near ruined my business, and my reputation took quite a blow. I did not let these attacks stop my psychic work, and I have continued with a pristine reputation despite someone’s childish behavior. People like this have sick minds, and it is a form of fear and control that they are trying to enforce upon someone.

It is very easy to attack someone behind the safety of your computer. I would love to see these people try and attack someone face to face. They would not be able to do it because they are cowards and would be afraid of getting punched out, so they take their sick little minds and find a way to make others miserable.

Cyber bullying does not just hurt someone’s feelings; it is also attacking someone’s spirit. Spiritual attacks are very real because of the negative energies that dwell in many people’s soul. We are spirits inhabiting our bodies, and when something attacks us personally, it goes down to the very core of our existence.

Dealing With Cyber Bullying Attacks

• If you are being harassed or bullied on the internet, do not fight back or try to justify yourself. This will make everything much worse.

• If it’s possible, block the person from being able to contact you.

• Do not respond to any e-mail attacking you.

• If anything is published about you anywhere on the internet, print out the pages, and, if you know how, make a screen shot of the website that has negative comments about you. You want to document everything that is occurring.

• If someone threatens you physically, you can report this to the police. Once again you need to have proof of the attacks.

• If someone is attacking you on Facebook, be sure you report it to the company.

• Ask your friends not to tell you what they read about you. It will just hurt you further.

• Do not write anything on the internet negative about the person attacking you. It will come back to haunt you if you do.

• Last, but certainly not least, is pray for the attacker to be shown the error of his/her ways. Pray for spiritual protection for yourself and your family. Let no weapon formed against you prosper.

Follow these tips and you will find eventually the cyber attacker loses interest.

It is sad that such a beautiful connector and tool like the internet can also be made the object of real battle. Protect yourself and never let them get to you.

Below is one of the messages that my dear Native American friend received when he was between life and death, better known as the shadowlands in Native American teachings, there may be mistakes in writing and grammar, but this man is writing from his death bed. May you be blessed and inspired by his words.

“Great Spirit, Father Creator, bless all my brothers and sisters with health, wealth, happiness, peace, love, and wisdom with your Divine Illumination. Bless all of my brothers and sisters non native and bless all my native brothers and sisters now that the great recession, like never seen before, is coming down on our nation. None of my brothers and sisters will feel the great recession because the majority of us have always been there. The difference is the Creator is going to improve our lives significantly. No more native children going to bed hungry. We will eat from the bounty mother earth will give us. No money will be needed for that.

Money will be practically worthless. You will see fewer people in fancy cars Like Lexus, rolls and the like. They will be in old or late model bugs and Hyundai. No more super rich jet setters. In Europe it will be worse money markets banks stock markets all over the world will flop. No more superior class because their money is not worth the paper it is printed on. Interest rates on mortgages will drop for the first time in many years to less than 1.79% that will be in the hope to sell more homes. However money will be tighter because you will need a lot more to money to buy a home even if homes decrease more in value. All will be upside down. We will be ok thanks to Father Creator all of my brothers and sisters will not suffer. Only the ones that had it all and lived off the lower classes. Nothing will begin to move up from barrel bottom until 9 years. Things will slowly pickup in 2020.

I do not know about these things I was being told by the ancestral chiefs in vision where I was given so much information. I was told that they would come to us.

We are going to be fine. Up will be down and down will be up, but we will rise at all levels. Round shall be square and square shall be round. Finally the currents of the Great Rivers Will run backwards and will stay running backwards- all this was in a vision. I believe it to be true personally and take it my brothers and sisters for what ever value you may give it.

Many blessings my brothers and sisters. I am only reporting my vision. Your humble brother Yoeme Lonewolf “

This potent message was reaching thousands along with all the other messages this beautiful brother delivered. Now his voice is silenced because of ignorant arrogant people.

Do not let anyone silence you and remember the cyber bully is just a pitiful coward hiding behind a computer.

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.’Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.” Leonardo da Vinci

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Cherokee Billie has a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine with many areas of expertise and high educational background in many fields. Cherokee Billie is a world renowned Clairvoyant Psychic Medium who works with serious individuals interested in their search and quest for information. http://www.cherokeebillie.com