Is lead generation work difficult to perform? Not really. It all depends on where you generate your B2B leads. In this line of work, your focus here is not about getting results (it is certain that you will get it, negative or positive). Rather, you should be more focused on maximizing the number of positive results. And here is where the challenge lies – how do you do it? The first thing that you need to do is to identify the different business prospects that you will meet in the course of your campaign. Some of them will make your work easier, while there are those that will make it even harder. The bottom line is in your handling of each one. You need to match your sales leads tactics according to the behavior of your prospects. There are four main prospect behaviors that you need to think of:

1.The Rejecters –
these are prospects that have become sick and tired of hearing an endless flow of irrelevant or unattractive marketers. Be it in person or through b2b telemarketing, you job here is to make yourself different from the rest. Focus more on your business strengths, like your product or customer service, in order to convince these prospects that you are the real deal and should not be shunned.

2.The Undecided –
these are basically the fence-sitters. They see that your offer is good, but they also see no reason to jump ship yet. Your job, should you choose to take this, is to make them decide to do business with you. This is not an easy task, mind you, since they can be a particularly tough bunch to crack. The key here is in understanding the real desires of these prospects. A skilled appointment setting team will be able to spot that in use it.

3.The Jumpers –
these are the ones that can be a pleasure for telemarketers. Such prospects have become tired of their current services and are more than willing to jump ships. Of course, this does not make them easy to sell. They are after quality now, so you should put more focus on that. In addition, you need to add a sprinkling of gratitude in your words. This added touch will make them all the more willing to accept your business.

4.The Negotiators –
these are the people who knows what they want and will seek the means to get the best of it. This is a rather challenging thing for marketers, since they will have to know more about their products or services, as well as negotiating skills needed to get these prospects to sign up. You should concentrate on making the offer you have on the table to be the best that the prospect will ever get in the market.

There are many other kinds of business prospects that you might encounter in lead generation, but most of them are just an overlap of the four main traits mentioned above. You will have to adjust your skills accordingly if you want to maximize your business results.

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