The easiest way to learn to use tarot cards is to get a good set of cards that you are happy with and find easy to use. Lots of people are able to use the tarot as a divining tool by picking random cards from the pack, laying them out and interpreting the way they interact. Decks normally contain seventy eight cards. Twenty two of which are called the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana depict the major changes we experience throughout life. Some readers will just refer to these to give a quick overview. The other fifty six cards, known as the Minor Arcana, go into greater detail and can be used for a much more detailed reading.

Tarot cards can play a huge role in the daily life of those who use them. It is normal for some people to keep a deck close at all times and pull a random card for advice at points during their daily life when they need some guidance. And this is a good way to begin to learn the cards meanings one by one each day. Some people will always want to lay out a pattern to read, but starting with the single cards is a good way to learn the meanings.

Once you have learned the meanings of the individual tarot cards you can start by using a simple three card spread this will make it easy for a beginner to start making readings that link the meanings of different cards. You can then develop from this to the use of the Celtic cross spread which can give a slightly more complex reading but is still easy to use.

Packs of tarot cards usually come with booklets explaining how to use them for quick or more in depth readings. Most people who use them believe that they are a way of connecting with the spirit so, although there are rules that can be followed it is important to remember that each user will find their own preferred way of using them to make the connection. When reading the cards you need to look at the design on the cards. Cards are said to be in a positive position or reversed position. Reversed cards tell of conflict or negativity or weaken the card's influence on the other cards.

Begin to learn the card meanings by keeping a book or chart handy, but don’t be afraid to interpret the cards in your own way. You will come up with some of your own card meanings by following your instincts.The cards act as a way for the spirits to communicate information and ideas to people in the physical world, so they will guide you to understand the meanings too.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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