Cancer indeed is that dreaded C Word. Yet, another C word is accompanied by its own sense of anxiety or displeasure. If ever there was a time, when this other C-word, called Change, is so universally present, now is that time.

Change now abounds in our Lives at a Speed Unfamiliar to Us

Change constantly abounds from yesterday, today, and into tomorrow. Our present COVID-19, virus, has literally changed what we knew as everyday life and transformed it into something completely upside down. Before this Change, are lives, for the most part, were status quo. With this change, what once was always done this way, must now be done this way.

Before, Change, everything used to be done, this particular way. For many people, that one, particular, never changing way, offering them a sense of security.

With nothing changing, nothing is being disrupted, nothing new is being introduced, to change the existing momentum at hand. That last sentence sadly reflects the quicksand, surrounding the hierarchy of the Catholic Church Today.

Jesus Was a Go-To Guy, His Ministry And Had No Room for our Present Day Hierarchy’s Sedentary Inertia.

When we think back to January of this year and up to today, the Change that has transpired, its very presence, is truly remarkable. Obviously, the life and death nature of this virus precipitated these life-saving changes being enacted as humanly as fast as possible.

Change here, is seen as necessary to save lives. If we as well, look back into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, in relation to the word Change, nothing at all seems to have changed in regards to the Women Priest issue.

It truly is ironic, when any mention of bringing back a former, previous tradition of women priests into our Church again, it is met with the word Change. Women Priests would be something new to the Church, we would have to change things.

Still, other voices will interject the view, of why should the Church, have to Change, in order to accommodate women who want to be Priests? This whole division on the question of Women Priests, even being an issue today, came from the canon lawyers changing existing law back in the middle ages, they were the ones through their new canon law which forbade women, to ever be on the altar again.

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Margaret Mary O’Connor has made it her mission to reveal the truth of Your Catholic Church.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University At Buffalo (NY), and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY. She is a former Chaplain and is currently a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish where, ironically, the Church windows depict the Vatican II Council. One window represents the “Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World,” which includes an article that speaks directly to ending sexual discrimination of all kinds in our Church.
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