There are many types of psychic abilities, some more popular and recognisable than others but all of them can give the seeker – that is, YOU seeking answers! – valuable information. However, seek advice first as to which tool will furnish you with the most information…
• Animal telepathy –used by those with the gift to communicate with animals, although this is not the same as training them to commands. Useful if you have an animal that you think has the ability to communicate with and from the other side.
• Astral projection – often the butt of comedy sketches and spoof films, this is the ability for the person’s spirit to leave their earthly body and travel in spirit to another location.
Aura reading – the ability of someone with this gift to see the colour of the energy someone is emitting. Possibly one of the most ‘useful’ types of psychic abilities.
• Automatic writing – when a spirit communicates through the skilled medium through the person writing their message, command or name.
• Channelling – spirits need someone to act as a channel on occasions, to get their messages back to earthly being. This is an often use format and again, incredibly useful and appreciated of the types of psychic abilities
• Clairaudience – this is one of the many types of psychic abilities that take a skilled person to not only hear the inaudible, but also to understand it.
• Clairvoyance – possibly the most well-known of the many types of psychic abilities; this is not so much seeing into the future, but accepting and interpreting the messages from the other side that appear in visions
• Clairsentience – often the most startling, this is the gift of the medium or psychic to know a hidden fact or long-forgotten piece of information.
• Divination – is a broad, sweeping term that covers a whole array of different types of psychic abilities from fortune telling through to precognition, prophecy and other methods that predict the future.
Intuition – this is something we all have; some of us listen to it, basing many decisions in life on how we really feel or the gut reaction in the very core or pit of our stomach. Others believe it is nothing, remaining closed to its true ability to warn us or encourage us when something is good or not so good. You do not have to have psychic powers to feel this but an open mind, letting the feeling and emotion combine, with its message ‘coming through’. Neither do you need to understand it or justify it.
• Precognition – possibly the most sought after of the differing types of psychic abilities for seekers wanting answers! This is the innate ability to know the future. But those seeking concrete answers will be disappointed as knowing the future is about flashes of detailed insight, not a whole chapter of your life played out before a mediums eyes…
• Psychometry – is a lesser known but still well-used ability to pick up of vibrations from the ‘other side’ using an object or objects connected with that person.
This is just a flavour, a few of the different types of psychic abilities that people all over the world are given; which one would give you the information you seek?

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Rachel is a freelance metaphysical journalist, and recommends the following websites which carry a high calibre of clairvoyant readers with years of experience.