People often ask the question 'What is a prediction?' While they are aware of the basic meaning of the term, they are unsure whether to see a prediction as something set in stone - something that can not be changed - or whether to regard it as a possible outcome that may be changed. Answering the question 'What is a prediction?' is best done by looking at the basic term to begin with.

Most dictionaries answer 'What is a prediction?' with a statement defining it as the act of foretelling, forecasting or projecting the future outcome of something. Synonyms for the term provided typically include augury, divination, projection, forecast, prophecy and/ or prognostication. In scientific terms, this means a prediction is the expected outcome of a hypothesis based on trends indicated by past and present events/ circumstances in conjunction with defined future actions or decisions.

To use a very simple example for the scientific answer to the question 'What is a prediction?' a pupil participating in a scientific experiment involving water may predict that the water will become solid if its temperature is lowered below 0 C (32 F) and then revert to its natural liquid state when the temperature is raised again. This pupil may also predict that when the temperature is raised above 100 C (212 F), the water will turn into steam. These statements indicate that the outcome will depend on what action is being taken.

So what is a prediction made by a psychic reader? Essentially, the reader will discern past events and current influences acting upon and leading up to a current situation. He or she will then examine the trends indicated by this information and perhaps any other information provided by their client to predict possible future outcomes to the situation/ problem in question if no changes are made. They may also provide suggestions on what changes can or should be made to improve the expected outcome.

In other words, here, too, the answer to the question 'What is a prediction?' is that it is the indication of a possible outcome. The future is never set in stone. The decisions a person makes, the path they decide to follow, the attitudes they have towards certain aspects of their life and a whole universe of external influences can and will have a direct impact on how a situation will eventually turn out.

Consulting a psychic will never tell a person exactly what will happen, but will provide an insight into how the situation developed into its current state, what is influencing it in which way and what may or may not happen if certain decisions or changes are made - or not, for that matter. The psychic will provide an insight, but how to use the information is up to the client, who is able to use their own free will in deciding how they wish their future to turn out.

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