How can anyone manage to walk comfort when walking in high-heeled stiletto shoes?

It seems that there are guidelines on the internet that show you how to balance in these incredibly high-heeled shoes, or stilettos as they are called in the fashion world.

Sadly I must inform you about the dangers that you are causing to your skeletal gait by just walking in these so called shoes.

High-heeled or stiletto shoes are not shoes at all, because they are crippling your feet and doing enormous damage to your skeletal balance and posture.

I only remember buying one pair of black patent-leather 4" high-heeled shoes or pumps, as they are often shortened to, for attending a very lavish wedding in my early twenties.

The was the only time that I ever wore a pair and only made it to the church ceremony and the reception in them. I had to wear them because they made feel me more elegant in my suit and much slimmer as I was a good ten pounds overweight in my early twenties!

I will be honest and say that I have never worn them since, because my feet were never comfortable. Now they have high shoes without heels worn by Victoria Beckham, who is an amazing fashion icon. I would like to see a picture of her feet at the age of 50!!

High heeled shoes may make you make you appear taller and slimmer, because they raise your height and elongate your whole body and women believe it makes them look sexier.

But high-heeled shoes are damaging not only your feet, but putting your balance in grave danger when you walk. The height of the shoes pushes your balance from the center of your feet to the balls of your feet. This shifts the whole balance of your body weight to one small and creates so much pressure in this area that you will automatically have osteoarthritis when walking on these carpal bones.

Now your body weight is no longer balanced throughout your whole body; but your weight is tipping past your hips and over to your knee joints where unbalanced pressure forces both knee joints out of alignment.

It will lead to premature osteoarthritis in your hips, knees, and feet and you will not be able to walk safely. You may end up in a wheelchair and then a nursing home, because you will not be able to walk!

Walking on the balls of your feet means that there is no heel toe action in walking, so that there is a complete distortion in the way move or dare I say "hobble." It is no longer a walking pattern! It is dangerous movement and you will pay the consequences when you are older.

My mother's sister was very small in stature and always wore high-heeled shoes, so that when she became older, the nursing home could not get her into flat shoes or slippers!

This was because her Achilles tendon; which is the tendon at the back of your heel became shortened, through constantly wearing high-heeled shoes.

She had great difficulty walking and as a result ended up in a wheelchair before she actually needed one.

Shoes are very important to be comfortable for walking in otherwise you may walk with a limp, or scrunch up your toes in pain or numbness.

It is also not easy to walk in bare feet, because the arches of your feet need support when walking. The arches of your feet are shaped through the position of muscle tendons for maintaining the heel toe action of walking.

If you insist on wearing these stupid high-heels, please make it occasional and be sure you take good pair of walking shoes to walk in; then only use these stilettos to stand in.

This will save you from being forced into a wheelchair because you cannot walk!

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The author Gail McGonigal is a trained & experienced Occupational Therapist, who has her own website of pain-relieving solutions that have been successful in erasing her own pain. Gail has learned to deal with chronic pain, without using medical intervention. Gail wants to show you how she has overcome chronic skeletal pain in postural scoliosis and osteoarthritis in both hands, using genuine pain remedies that she accidentally found and have successfully erased her skeletal pain. Now Gail is able to live a comfortable and pain-free quality of life. Gail has written a number of articles about her own solutions that combine her OT knowledge with her M.Sc in Health Promotion to help erase other people's pain with her own functionally active solutions. Please contact Gail through her website if you need help to combat your pain for leading an active quality of life.