Cavities are areas that have been permanently damaged and which are on the surface of a person’s teeth. Cavities are also known as caries and tooth decay and can be caused due to ample of factors such as the presence of bacteria in the mouth, frequent snacking, consuming sugar and not cleaning the teeth properly. Everything health requires that you make your child practice such oral hygiene measures that will help in up keeping his or her oral health.

However, it is pertinent to understand the need for good oral hygiene since childhood to get rid Causes Oral Health Problems. Many parents do not take care of their child’s oral hygiene in the child’s younger years because they believe the teeth to be temporary and with no lasting effect.

Even though the teeth of children are a baby or temporary teeth and will eventually come off and later the permanent teeth take place, the temporary or baby teeth if affected by cavities can damage the entire dental structure as well as make the gums and the connecting issues week, resulting in lifelong dental problems.

Causes of Childhood Cavities - Below mentioned are a few causes of cavities in children. As mentioned above, avoiding the causes of childhood cavities can help in a stronger and healthier dental structure in adult life.

Plaque Formation: Plaque is a sticky residue that coats the teeth and is usually caused due to consuming sugary material and not cleaning the teeth well afterward. This leftover material reacts with bacteria present in the mouth and form plaque.

Plaque Attack: There are minerals present in the outer enamel of the tooth. Plaque, however, removes these minerals from the tooth, which causes tiny openings and holes on the teeth. This plaque then attacks the inner part of the teeth called the dentin, which causes sensitivity.

Continuous Destruction: Once the plaque finds the inner part of the teeth called the dentin, it continues to attack the teeth and eventually reaches the core of the teeth. This core contains blood vessels and nerves, and since they get damaged in the plaque destruction, it causes a lot of pain in the area as well as the surrounding area.

Symptoms for Cavities
Below mentioned are a few symptoms of cavities in children. These symptoms can also be seen in adults who have developed cavities.

Toothache: if your child complains about a toothache, it is mostly because of cavities.

Tooth sensitivity: If the plaque has found its way to the dentin of your child’s teeth, your child may complain of tooth sensitivity.

Mild or sharp pain while eating: Since plaque affects the nerves, your child may even experience mild or sharp pain while eating.

Visible holes in the teeth: If you are able to see visible holes on your child’s teeth, it may be a cavity.

Brown, black, white stains on the tooth surface: Usually seen in the earlier stages, identifying such a symptom can help avoid the development of cavities.

Pain while biting down: If your child is experiencing any pain while biting down on his or her food, he or she may have a cavity.

Treatment for Cavities
If one has developed cavities, one will have to go in for the treatment of such cavities to ensure that they do not damage the dental structure.

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste: Make sure that your child is brushing his or her teeth with a Florida based toothpaste. Moderate amounts of the same are enough.

Rinse mouth: Ensure that your child rinses his or her mouth after every meal. This will help in getting rid of any extra material left between the teeth and clearing away any coating left on the teeth.

Drink water: Drinking water can ensure that your child is able to ingest all the bacteria that are present in the mouth to help the stomach in digestion of the food that has been taken in.

Regular visits to the dentist: Regular visits to the dentist are an absolute must, especially when it comes to children. The doctor will be able to provide for the right instructions parents need to follow to ensure their Kids Oral Care.

Eating foods which are healthy: The sugar level in healthy foods is moderate. This helps as sugar, which is one of the main causes of plaque is absent from the diet of such a person.

From the above article, it is now clear that childhood oral hygiene is very important for healthy adult life. Looking at the causes and symptoms above, you can make a note of them and ensure that your child does not face the same challenges. In case your child does develop cavities, look at the above-mentioned options for prevention and treatment.

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