The Benefits of Heating Therapy For Chronic Pain
Joint pains, muscle spasms, and stiffness could suck the fun out of life. It limits your mobility and interferes with day-to-day physical activities such as lifting, walking, and, in worse cases, even getting out of bed can be a painful process. While medication could get rid of the inflammation in your muscles, heat therapy could be a great accompaniment to aid you with the process.
Heat therapy is not a new-age treatment, it has been around for many years. Heat therapy is dated back to ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Egyptian times. Heat therapy has been used for many years as a way to combat muscle pain.
Hot springs and other ancient heat therapies are hard to come across. This is where technology plays a role. Electric throw blankets are capable of delivering the same benefits. Furthermore, you can use electric throw blankets in the comfort of your home to get rid of all sorts of muscle pain.
Benefits of heat therapy
It boosts blood circulation - The heat therapy improves the blood circulation in the body, which in turn, provides nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and joints that aid their recovery and relieve back stiffness.
Relives inflammation - Swelling and inflammation subsides when exposed to heat.
All forms of heat therapy can be beneficial to your body, however, not all are available. Having an electric throw blanket such as the Heating Pad from Zicron could come in handy as you could recover muscle stiffness and injuries in the comfort of your home.
How to use the Zicron heated throw blankets
While done properly, heat therapy could help you recover muscle injuries and pain greatly, however, if you are careless, electric blankets could cause skin burns and irritation.
Start from the lowest settings of your heated throw blankets
While starting out, set your Zicron electric blanket to the lowest setting. This could aid in getting rid of minor muscular aches and pains and the lowest setting is more than enough to reduce muscle stiffness. After every 3 minutes, gradually increase the temperature until you find the right level for you. This will ensure that your skin adapts to the rise in temperature without causing any injury.
Note: If you are using the heated blankets on a high setting, it is necessary to keep your sessions under 20 minutes, any longer sessions could cause burns. However, at lower settings, you could have hour-long sessions without any kind of burns.
Caution: For pregnant women
If you are pregnant and you suffer from back pain, a heated blanket could be of great help. However, avoid long sessions as it could be dangerous to the fetus. Extended periods of heat could cause neural tube defects and other complications in the developing fetus.
Precations and safety tips while using heated throw blankets
When used improperly, heated blankets could be dangerous.
Always start from the lowest setting and then gradually increase the intensity levels.

Place the heating blanket directly on your skin.
Fall asleep using a heating blanket.
Use a cracked or broken electrical cord.
Apply a heating pad to damaged skin.
All therapies using heat could be of great benefit when done correctly and consistently. But if you are inconsistent, you will not be able to maximize the benefits offered by heat therapy.

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