With no prior medical conditions, we might wonder how such a medical disaster can occur. http://people.com/human-interest/texas-father-loses-both-legs-below-knee...

When a virus infection brings unusual symptoms after medical treatment, one has to wonder about the treatment, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a board-certified internist who lost a wife to an adverse drug reaction and then married an RN whose husband died after the same antibiotic was given him IV, also getting septic shock.

National Institutes of Health reports that DRESS (Drug Related Eosinophilia, Systemic Symptoms) can include Septic Shock. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23474419

It's a shame that Congress and the Supreme Court give wealthy Pharma a free pass on the damages associated with their drugs while car makers pay millions to recall something that might be a problem.

Going through the US Senate offices with medical literature that supports http://LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com Dr. Ruhling was told by one senator, “You are wasting your time—they own us,” speaking of drug company donations to their re-election. Whatever happened to their oath of office and biblical wisdom that “a gift blinds the eyes of the wise”? Exodus 23:8.

Ruhling notes the biblical call to come out of Babylon—the confused systems of 'healthcare,' education, religion and government that permeate Washington. It says not to be partakers of her sins or we will receive of her plagues...for by her sorceries (the Greek word is pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.” Rev 18:4,23. We are deceived by symptomatic relief that usually does not address the underlying causes, says Ruhling who believes that what we put in our mouths from birth tends to determine our health destiny 50+ years later or sooner.

Biblical law with Moses as the central figure over the entrance of the Supreme Court, but Congress and the court have made a mockery of it with thousands of unnecessary special interest laws including Roe v Wade and their redefinition of marriage for homosexual unions. The Bible says “God is not mocked, for what we sow, we will reap.”

The Supreme Court's approval of an abomination that got Israel vomited from their land (Lev 18:22,25) will bring US to judgment. Signs of the times point to this spring.

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Richard Ruhling is a retired MD writing on current events and Bible prophecy. His book, God Bless America? has 4-5 star reviews and is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075896HPD also with a free app for those wanting it In ebook.

A short video offers a summary-- https://youtu.be/vmMb9h7VZMQ