The holiday season is upon us! For event vendors, the focus on prosperity flow takes center stage. I'm often asked for my event success tips. Currently, my priority is providing private services. This supportive information from my successful event experience is intended to help vendors prosper:

The key is how to be successful. Everyone has to do their own work. It begins internally, with taking care of one’s own spirit, holding one’s integrity no matter what, and maintaining a positive, service-oriented attitude regardless of what is being offered. It doesn’t happen by osmosis.

The following are 10 practical things that anyone can do in order to increase success at events. These factors may entail a different mindset than the marketing material readily available from myriad coaches and websites. These, though, are the core of what supports my consistent success at events. Mind you, events are a part of the bigger picture of what you're offering. Focus on the core of your unique path, with dedication. That commitment in and of itself is a different perspective than many vendors hold. A different perspective/paradigm coming from inside out may be key for you.

1. Bless the space beforehand. I begin a week prior to the event, sending positive energy in many forms – violet flame, angels, ancestors, etc. Do what is meaningful for you, but do it and with sincerity and with everyone’s prosperity in mind.

2. Greet everyone and wish them well. Make eye contact. You’re a team, in that you’re all present in that location together, for the duration of the event.

3. Express gratitude to the coordinators. It takes a lot of hard work to put together an event. Acknowledge and appreciate that – let the coordinators know that you care.

4. Bless your products. Ask them to call their rightful owners. If you’re providing service, bless the flow of energy. I’ve often experienced customers coming in, explaining that they hadn’t known of the event, but just had a feeling to go to that location that day, or that they saw light from the road, and knew they needed to come in to see me or a specific item on my table. The energy is alive; treat it as such.

5. Focus while setting up. Listen; be sensitive to your items and yourself as to placement, breath, and the mindset you’re holding. It makes a difference; you’re setting the tone for your day.

6. Shine your own light! Never mind what or how others are doing. Be yourself, offer what you offer, and stay focused. Put away the laptop, the iPhone, iPad, etc., and be present with your own light so that it shines in its purity.

7. Conceptualize energy flow instead of money that needs to be made. Money is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Currency is a blend of cotton and linen. Move the energy. Especially for food vendors – nobody wants to eat a dish that tastes like, “I hope I make enough money today!”
8. Give thanks throughout the event. Express gratitude for the weather, the furniture, the other vendors, and the opportunity to be there.

9. Bless everything and give thanks while packing up. Thank the items that you still have for serving their purpose on your table, including providing service to you. Bid everyone goodbye and wish them well. Of course if it’s a gigantic event you won’t get to everyone, but include those near you and with whom you’ve interacted.

10. Last but not least – emphasize the positive throughout the day – STOP poor mouthing! I’ve taken many a deep breath to keep my own patience and sense of humor while surrounded by vendors who continuously voice their lack of customers, low attendance at the event, their lack of income that day. Knock that off! There’s ebb and flow. Focusing on what isn’t there and what didn’t happen will not improve conditions. Focus on the positive – what worked? How many people did you enjoy? How many blessings? Counting blessings is a Universal trump card. Do it regularly during events and you have the opportunity to shift the energy to more positivity and prosperity.

Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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