Sustainable alternatives for buildings - and every other business activity - has become an urgent need over the years. 

Technology made it possible to create eco-friendly buildings from scratch, provide better sunlight and reduce resource-waste. It’s become commonplace to even renovate existing spaces to make them more ecological.

The five companies below have brought disruptive technologies to the table and transformed what sustainable means. Their solutions can help businesses introduce a “greener” approach to operations without sacrificing quality or design.


With Amber, users can order, unlock, and start a 100% electric car using their phones. It’s sustainable and operates with a sharing-economy mindset, cutting down the usage of parking spaces and unnecessary stand-still cars. 

Most importantly, Amber is a pay-per-use service, making it even more attractive. They have transformed the industry and introduced an ecological element to day to day transportation while maintaining high availability for every customer. 


Kindow uses smart technology to control daylight in residential and office settings. They have developed a unique sun-tracking system and automated blinds that create energized environments, enhancing productivity and providing more comfort. Kindow also reduces energy waste and improves general performance in any building.

Kindow’s unique features can still be integrated with any smart system, and outperforms traditional exterior shadings - for even lower costs. 

Sustainer Homes

Sustainer Homes created a modular system that allows architects and clients to create their own home, fully circular and carbon-free, making for an incredibly sustainable building - without giving up on a design and using few materials.

Each SH home is equipped with a climate system, solar panels, and is entirely damp-proof. They have large life-spans, and are customizable according to customer needs. In other words, SH has made it easy and ecological to design the dream home. 


Renolution differentiates itself by focusing on making existing homes more sustainable. They do that by utilizing a steel frame that consolidates roof and facade elements, cutting down costs and energy consumption.

The best thing about Renolution’s method is that renovation isn’t costly or complicated - residents don’t even have to leave their house during the process. Their technology is adaptable and easily applied to any building, giving customers an advantage when compared to other companies in the same category. 


StoneCycling redefined eco-friendly solutions by creating bricks made of waste. Their materials can be utilized in the interior or exterior of buildings, providing a unique, beautiful architecture. SC aims to create sustainable spaces without compromising design, a goal they share with Sustainer Homes.

‘WasteBasedBricks’, as they’re called, are used all around the world by innovative architects, real estate developers, and construction businesses. Other than being less costly, they create chemical-free buildings, which is healthier for both the residents and the environment.


Embracing sustainable alternatives gives real estate companies a head start; eco-friendly materials are often less expensive, durable, and beat traditional elements used for construction in terms of quality. Soon enough, not using these solutions could result in higher, unnecessary costs. This article was written by, leaders in internal parcel tracking technology. Find out more here:

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