Earth gets life from the sun. With its light and heat all activities ensue on earth and many resources are unearthed. In comparison to other planets and satellites of the solar system it is our earth that is most influenced by the sun with reference to the atmosphere, plants and other beings. It is the very life bestowing force on our globe. By correlating the activities of daily living everyone can experience the amount of influence of its rising/setting, dawn and noon and the state of earth’s denizens. It is the sun that heralds in change in seasons. All this is experienced under normal solar conditions but whenever a deviation sets in conditions of calamities (earthquakes, tsunamis etc) ensue and thus normalcy and balance are overthrown. Thus not only the condition of earth goes awry but that there is chaos in the psyche of all beings especially humans and they act so disgracefully which is beyond the ken of ones imagination.

These days such activities are seen in the sun which can be called ordinary and yet the reaction is such that it influences all living beings. Amongst them is the augmenting of sun spots which greatly influence earth denizens.

According to research scientists of high repute when ever these sun spots manifest in the sun its state becomes extraordinary. Darkness and storms erupt in regions spanning thousands of miles, flames are ablaze and electromagnetic waves manifest so speedily that the entire solar system gets influenced. There exists a special bond of give and take between the earth and sun and hence there is a greater probability of adversity ensuing. Ordinary conditions change and such adverse conditions set in which induce more calamities than benefits. Seasons become colder, snowing is in excess, storms lash out and greater atmospheric pressure erupts as cyclones. In the ozone layer there is less oxygen. In Indian Astrology the manifestation of sun spots is an indication of change in which both good and bad things can occur. Even modern science now agrees with this totally.

A famous scientist Alexander Marshek in his book ‘Earth and Horizon’ has said that may be there is no perceivable connection between the activities of earth and internal chaos on the sun yet from the statistical standpoint its connection has been proved beyond doubt. It has been found that when ever these solar activities augment there is more rain and floods, plants bloom more, heat increases and famine is seen, road accidents arise, space accidents augment and war and bloodshed too is witnessed. At such times not only earthquakes and fire outbursts are seen but also extraordinary radiance of Meru light is glimpsed. This too indeed influences our day to day living. America’s weather scientist Dr Waxler termed this as a deep interruption in man’s daily life.

What is the influence of changes taking place on the sun on our earth? To know this Russia’s scientist of fame Chibosky has studied the history of past 400 years as far as solar activities are concerned. He has concluded that there is a strong connection between various types of epidemics and changes and sun spot activities. This is a scientific fact that after every 11 years sun spots augment a great deal. As long as the sun spots are deep or shallow its ratio induces changes on earth. Apart from this due to sun spots the earth’s magnetic field too remains imbalanced. Radio transmission is obstructed and weather gets influenced too. A famous scientist Michaelson opines to this extent that due to these changes on special occasions the earth tends to expand and contract too as a result of which earthquakes and other calamities ensue. Another well known American scientist Dr Andrew Douglas says that sun spots not only influence human beings and smaller life forms but that even plants get influenced. After every 11 years the annual ring of trees widens. Possibly this happens because in those days in order to stay away from the subtle rays of sun spots nature makes tree trunks larger in diameter.

America’s Atomic Energy Commission, whose scientists work in the Sandia lab of Albuquerque has researched a great deal on solar influences. They have amassed statistics of 20 years of crime and accidents and analyzed them. Over and above this they concluded that when sun spots are at their pinnacle accidents and crimes augment 6-fold. Even New York’s Dr Baker has found that during intense solar movements there is an increase in patients with psychological ailments. With reference to this, ancient Indian Astrologers had found out much beforehand as to what is the nature of these outbursts in the solar system. What are its causes and what is the influence of earth and its surroundings? With reference to these outbursts at the level of super consciousness Maharshi Garg, Parashar, Kashyap, Deva, Narada and Vasishtha conducted profound studies.

In these days space scientists are supervising the solar system and the interstellar space beyond it. They say that present day solar activities are going to induce dire conditions on earth. Everyone knows that the earth has to imbibe more energy from other extra terrestrial regions than what itself possesses. Solar energy is its very life force and right from ancient times it has been accepted that beings sustain on earth because of sun’s grace. In Egypt during irrigation a festival is conducted since time immemorial. This festival takes place in the month of July when the Nile River gets flooded. After deep research it was found that floods occur on that very day when the Lubdhak Star (in the Northern Hemisphere) is seen at sunrise. This means that in some way or the other changes in River Nile are connected to solar activities.

According to great scientists sun spots reappear after every 11 years 1month and 22 years 2 months. As a result a chaos occurs on earth. When sun spots manifest the sun shines brightly which is called Solar Flare and many particles are emitted from it slowly or speedily. The ones that are emitted fast have infinite energy. These particles cross the ozone layer and contact our earth, which as a result influence the psyche of human beings. It is seen that when sun spots increase and particles of its Solar Flare contact human beings the latter’s psychology is affected. Due to their influence even great men are affected and various types of situations pan out on earth.

When ever sun spots augment in number not only individuals but that an all pervasive effect of solar activities is noted on world humanity. World history research says that right from the 18th century to this day this fact is clear that important historical revolutions, bloodshed, warfare etc have occurred during sun spot manifestations.

Research scientists have unveiled this amazing data that there is a strong connection with incidents of human civilization history. In the year sun spots augment rapidly life becomes extraordinary on earth. At such times there have been wars, revolutions etc. In the year 1789 AD the French Revolution, the first battle of India’s Independence struggle in 1857 AD, battle between Russia and Japan in 1904-1905, 1st world war in 1914-18, 2nd world war in 1939-42, India’s Independence in 1947 etc took place when sun spots were phenomenally on the rise. After that 3 important years of sun spot augmenting passed by in 1958, 1969 and 1980-81. A new phase started in 1992-93 and in future when total solar eclipse will take place sun spots will rapidly manifest. It has been calculated that the disorder and nature’s wrath will be that much more terrible and it is said that the last 8 years of the 20th century will be more tortuous and full of changes (this literature was written before 1991 AD).

Spiritual seers opine that in accordance with the wheel of time the coming days will be full of speedy changes in an all round manner. For some unknown reasons in the coming days the sun will break certain cosmic laws and induce changes on planet earth. Not only will there be floods, famine, world wars, epidemics etc but new revolutions will set in and a change for the better will be noted in the so far lowly human intellect. The sun is just not the life of the material world but is also the Lord of human consciousness. Rishis call it 3-fold knowledge meaning that 3 principles exist in it viz. gross one which constitutes the human body, vital body from which consciousness manifests and mind which induces other inner activities. Since time immemorial the Gayatri Mantra has been chanted for activation of human power consciousness so as to render a cosmic transformation. In the coming days the world over this experiment shall intensify with great momentum.

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