I recently watched a show on TV where two men were stranded on an island together, and the one younger man was going through detox from his drug addiction. The older man knew of the younger man’s dilemma as he was holding a stash of his drugs.

In a moment of compassion the older man showed the drug addict a moth in its cocoon beginning to break free. He explained that he could easily set the moth free by aiding it in breaking through the cocoon. Yet, in doing so he wouldn’t be helping the moth at all, for it would be too weak to survive.

The experience of struggling to break free of its encasement was exactly what the moth required in order to become strong enough to survive in its environment.
The younger man understood the message. He would struggle a bit longer to become stronger and ultimately break his addiction.

I loved Mother Nature’s example of how necessary it is to go through the struggles, the challenges and the pain of our experiences so that we can ultimately become stronger human beings.

Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening you.

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