In relationships, we are always on the lookout for ways to please the other person. Nothing wrong with that, except when you constantly try to seek validation from others and act in a manner that is not the natural ‘you’ then the relationship suffers. Personal empowerment and a belief in your self-worth are essential aspects for the success of any relationship. If you are depending on your relationship to fill the voids in your life, then you are looking for trouble. It is a much better idea to empower yourself. In this article you will learn 3 techniques that will help you to better empower yourself and thus stop seeking validation your relationships.

Meditation: This is a very powerful way in which you can look deeply into yourself and identify what it is that makes you seek validation in relationships. Are you feeling insecure? Or is it a fear to commit? Or is it a fear that it will not work out? Whatever it may be the calming feeling of meditation will help you clear your mind and think better. This will give you the power to handle your problems yourself. By looking for validation from others it places the power in their hands and not yours.

Visualization: This is another technique that you can use to empower yourself. If you keep looking for other people’s approval then you can start changing the process, by first imagining that the change has already happened. Set aside some quiet time for yourself every day. Choose a calm place in your home. You need to then close your eyes and imagine how it feels to be in control and be successful. This is a wonderful way to start off your day and every time you feel the need for validation from your relationship, quickly go back in your mind and recreate the vision of self control.

Notebook and Pen: This age old technique is actually still very useful despite all the digital media that has invaded our lives. Take a notebook and a pen and write down exactly what you feel are the reasons of why you keep seeking validation in all your relationships. Analyze these reasons and if possible even have a discussion with your loved ones with whom you constantly seem to seek validation. Incorporate their suggestions as well and note down what you plan to do to get more control over your life and your relationships. Track your progress as well on a weekly basis and you will start seeing positive changes in your relationships. The more you look at the way you interact with others and track you progress the faster you will see the change you seek.

Seeking validation from others is a personal issue that I have struggled with in the past. I know for a fact that allowing it to continue will leave you feeling frustration and empty. Take your power back and stop seeking validation from others.

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Wendy is a graduate of Metaphysical Sciences. She is an advocate and educator of persons with physical and mental disabilities for over 20 years. Wendy has helped many individuals create a higher awareness and harness the power of positive thinking.

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