The value of dinar is rising. Hence investing in this currency will bring profit for you only. If you are aware of the financial market or you are interested on investing in foreign currencies; definitely you can opt for Iraqi dinar.

If you have decided in buying the Iraqi dinar; then you must be aware about the new incorporated features in the new dinar. They are as follow:

  1. New string of coins and notes has been introduced in the new dinar currency. The denomination of the coins is: 1, 10, 5, 25, 100 and 50. After the fall of Saddam Husain few new coins were brought in the market, with the denomination of 50, 25 and 100. But none worked with the banks hence notes are the only medium of transaction.

  2. After you get to know this; try always to invest on Iraqi dinar notes rather than coins. Currently notes are the only medium of lawful tender.

  3. Recently several new amounts of notes with huge denominations have been introduced. Those notes are of: 500 dinar; 250 dinar; 5000 dinar; 25000 dinar; and 1000 dinar. These notes are approved by the Iraq’s Central Bank. You can get the details in the website of the bank too.
  4. Knowledge about the colors of the Iraqi dinar notes are also necessary to attain. You can make out which Iraqi dinar it is by checking the color. From 50 dinar note to 25000 Iraqi dinar the color of the notes are purple; brown; blue; blue-green; green; red and dark blue. The Iraqi dinar notes only remain confided in these colors; hence from now on it can be expected that you can identify a real Iraqi dinar note.
  5. The images are of utmost importance in the dinar notes. The pictures mainly have connection from the history of Iraq. For example: in dinar’s 50 note there is the image of Basra’s grain storage tower on one side and on the other hand you will find the image of the date palm trees. If you check the 25000 Iraqi dinar note; then you will find that there is in the front section a Kurdish farmer and at the back side is Hammurabi the King; he was the founder of the foremost Babylonian dynasty.
  6. The Iraqi currency is created by special kind of papers so that they cannot be misused. Thus you can remain confident for investing on it.
  7. Several number of security features are available in the dinar notes. If you place all dinar notes in under light you will find a watermark of a horse and an exclusive serial number. The moment you hold the note in light you will find the pictures. Among other security arrangements is available ultra violet marking; a security threads; embossed letters; and metallic ink. You will also find that each note has a special color changeable symbol. The color will change from purplish to dark brown; only visible when you tilt the note. You can get more information from the Iraqi bank website. The above information is excellent guidelines to help you regarding Iraqi dinar.
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