The sun predominates in the solar system. As per the Vedas the sun by awakening world humans eggs them to execute desired tasks. By saying ‘Surya atma jagatastasthushshcha’ proclaims the sun to be the very soul of all animate/inanimate beings. On this entire planet the all witnessing sun by moving about everywhere mysteriously watches the activities of humans and all creatures. In Greek language the sun is called Helios. This word means full of brilliant light. This light of the sun is the result of infinite energy manifesting in it. It is because of this energy that life force or Prana circulates on earth. According to modern day scientists, in the sun too that appears like a fireball from planet earth movements/upheavals occur. These are witnessed as solar flames and dark sunspots.

Although the sun is the chief axis of the solar system yet in its galaxy it is a mere miniscule star. The distance between planet earth and sun is 1.4 billion 1.6 million km. Even then the solar rays travel this gigantic distance in merely 8 minutes. The circumference of the sun is 1.3 million 12 thousand km whereas that of earth is 12,756 km. It is very difficult to imagine that the sun is n times bigger than earth and is a very heavy mass of fire.

The temperature in all regions of the sun is not same or uniform. The surface temperature of the sun is about 6000 degrees Celsius. It is solar energy that is at work behind the sun’s heat and light. This energy is the very life force of earth. With this life force it is possible for life to advance on earth. Via nuclear activities this solar energy manifests in the center of the sun. As a result hydrogen gas gets converted to helium. In the center of the sun 564 million tons of hydrogen gets converted to 560 million tons of helium in 1 second. From this energy equivalent to 4 million ton hydrogen is sent outside the sun via rays. The sun emits 3.8 x 10 (to the power -26) ‘J’ energy per second into interstellar space.

Since the past 50 billion years the sun has been converting its gases into solar energy. The energy is used up too in tandem. The temperature on its surface is not uniform or same throughout the surface region. In the Photosphere of the sun the temperature is 6000 degrees Celsius. In it dwells the Chromo Sphere which is a layer of uncontrolled gases. Between these two there is one more layer whose temperature is 4500 degrees Celsius. This then is the coldest region on the sun. At the beginning and end of a solar eclipse it can be visualized as a Magnetic Fridge.

In that surface area of the sun where the temperature is less and there is darkness and coolness only is called ‘sunspot’. The temperature of a sunspot in comparison to the temperature of gases close by is less than 2000 degrees Centigrade. Its number is between 1000 and 40000. These sunspots move about as pairs or groups and their lifespan is from a few days to a few months. The initial credit for unearthing these sunspots goes to the illustrious scientist Galileo.

The sun never rests quietly. In it upheavals are always noted. These upheavals are so swift sometimes that fire flames erupt very high on the sun’s surface. According to the American material scientist Unin Norman Parlor a stream made of ionic gases of hydrogen and helium ceaselessly flows unobstructed from the sun. In this flow the ratio of protons and electrons is equal. This is known as solar air/wind. The speed of solar wind is 1.26 to 2.88 million km per hour.

Solar flames erupt in the form of the energy of sunspots. In great measure it scatters the particles in solar wind which sometimes crosses the periphery of earth and enters it. These energy particles create a terrific magnetic field on earth. As a result the communication network on earth gets totally disarrayed. In interstellar space solar flames spread out for hundreds of miles. Up till now solar flames in their most terrific form was noted in 28 February 1942, 19 November 1949, 13 September 1971 and in April 1990.

In the last leg of the 20th century in 2000 AD solar upheavals again were seen in a terrific form. Last year on March 2 and 4 in 2000 AD on the external surface of the sun energy exploded that was equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs having a potential of 100 mega ton each. As a result of which very dangerous ultra violet rays entered earth as a horrific storm. The renowned interstellar space scientist RS Srivastav opines that as a result of this incident wherein X-rays and ultraviolet rays entered akin to rain on earth the time between 11 am and 1.30 pm was very dire.

According to America’s JM Fridge and RS Srivastav in the corona region of the sun there are 2 points. These were named 8882 and 8881. In contemporary times these 2 points have suddenly become very much more active. From both these points are emitted activated vault of rays from 2 million ton corona fluid. Its speed is 3000 km per second. Its direction can one day veer towards our earth. In an ordinary state this speed of scattering is 10 times more. In these rays are included Gama and Beta rays. Regarding this astronomical episode a scientist of Delhi University, Prof Vishnu Bhatia has clarified that sometimes the magnetic area of earth agitates high energy particles emitted from the sun. This time too such an incident occurred and the earth was saved from very great peril.

The destructive form of storms are seen only sometimes on earth, but on the sun such storms of wrathful, terrible and swift forms permanently are witnessed. As a result of this storm the activities of sunspots on the sun reach peaks every 11th year. As a result of which time and again changes are noted in the shape and form of the sun’s aura. In comparison to the remaining regions of the sun the temperature of nearby regions of intense magnetic fields of sunspots is less. In magnetic fields of other regions with intensely hot temperatures electrons, protons and atomic ions like electric particles move on very tortuous paths. This is the reason why there is an 11 year cycle for sun’s mobility. Every 11th year this mobility reaches its peak. On 24th April 1990 during this solar upheaval from the sun’s north-west region a certain matter from the sun with great speed was seen getting separated from itself. This reached at a distance of about 1 million km away from the sun.

Due to highest mobility of sunspots generally a multicolored polar light is seen on earth. In the North Pole this light is called ‘Aurora Borealis’ and in the South Pole it is called Aurora Austrealis’. The electric particles of magnetic storms emanating from sunspots are absorbed by the magnetic fields of earth. As a result of this one can see grand beautiful scenes of light on the North and South Pole of earth.

Rays emitted by various activities of sunspots reach the Ionosphere of earth. Due to this the earth’s magnetic fields cannot remain uninfluenced. High stature severe solar upheavals create upheavals in the earth’s Ionosphere too. As a result the possibility of magnetic storms entering earth remains high. Thus radio communication is affected and electricity transmission too goes haywire. Many times our earth has endured such harsh incidents. Due to these astronomical events the electricity transmission in many countries was obstructed in a major way. As a result Canada’s Hydro-cubic Electric Technology got destroyed and many cities of Canada and USA were submerged in darkness.

The present sunspots commenced augmenting in 1996 and reached its peak in 2000 AD. When magnetic activity is in excess on the sun its aura attains uniformity but when magnetic activity decreases many light oriented lines are seen in its aura that enter far off regions of interstellar space. A weather scientist of USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration called Gary Hackman opines that this time explosions on the solar wheel and as a result of which a dangerous storm of radiations passed nearby earth at a distance of 150000 km. This must be looked upon as God’s grace only that we escaped its ire. If this were not the case all artificial satellites launched in space and modern industries dependent on them would have been victims of a horrific accident.

All the upheavals seen on the sun are harbingers of widespread transformations. Scientists believe that as a result of such solar activities a transformation of gigantic measure shall be seen on earth in the near future. They opine that although the shape and form of earth shall remain unchanged yet its nature or Prakriti shall transform a great deal. It can be seen as Era Transformation in the 21st century.

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