In a party or any sort of gathering, all you need are good social talking topics and you'd be all set. It doesn't matter who you are or who you're talking to, you can get more people on your side as long as you can carry a proper conversation.

Just by knowing that you have a slew of topics in your sleeve will do wonders for your confidence. So what are some great social talking topics? Read on to find out!

Social Talking Topic # 1: The Person You're Talking To

This is the easiest and most basic topic you can talk about. Observe the person you're talking to.

Is there anything particularly striking or interesting about him? What about his necklace? That looks interesting. Compliment him about it and ask where he got it from.

From there, you can ask his name, introduce yourself and try to find a common set of friends. Once you get the ball rolling, it's all smooth sailing.

Social Talking Topic # 2: The Buffet Spread

If you're at a party, there must be food or drinks involved. Ask the person how he finds the punch or what he thinks of the caterer.

Following this line of thought, you can also ask him how he finds the overall ambiance of the event. From there, you can easily find something in common to converse about.

Social Talking Topic # 3: The Weather

I know the weather might seem like such an overused topic of discussion; but if you know how to pick up conversational cues, that topic might take you a long way.

If it's snowing especially hard, you can talk about how it would be nice to have a cup of hot cocoa right about now. You can also talk about how wonderful it might be to live somewhere tropical, and then proceed to ask the person you're talking to where his family is from and if it snows just as hard there.

With numerous possible social talking topics to use, you'll find no difficulty keeping a conversation. However, you must also be careful not to push too much or exhaust a topic's life. If you've said all you can about the weather and he's answered all he can about it, then move on to another topic. Nobody wants to repeat a conversation twice in the same night.

Most of all, don't forget to relax and listen to what the other person is saying. There's nothing more irritating than a person who's only acting interested.

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