Yes, a rejection in an interview hurts and it always will. But it is not the end of the world and is not supposed to hold you back forever. It is but obvious that people sweat at the thought of job interviews. And when rejection follows the interview, people tend to take it personally. But you can save yourself from all the negativity that follows the rejection in a job interview if you are prepared in advance.

One needs to understand that rejection in a job interview is a normal phenomenon. Yes, it can be discouraging but you should not let it affect you gravely. Rejection in a job interview should not stop you from looking for a new job. If you do not deal with rejections in a positive way, you cannot move forward. So take the rejection positively and learn all that you can from rejection in interview. Keep working on improving yourself.

Pay Attention To Your Emotions

Instead of suppressing your feelings and being demotivated by them, acknowledge them. This is the first step you can take to heal from the rejection. It helps you in managing all the awkward feelings and coming to terms with them.

Appreciate Yourself

You did not make it through the interview round. But you did make it till the interview round. You should be proud of yourself and appreciate the fact. You need to understand that landing a job does not happen overnight. It is a long process.

Grow From The Experience

If you get rejected, it does not mean that you are incompetent. Instead of questioning your capability, learn from the interview. Don't just start writing for the next cover letter in the frustration of not landing the job. A mere interview cannot decide your worth.

Two Way Process

Chances are, if you did not get selected in the interview, maybe you did not want to work in the company yourself. Because if you did not get selected for the interview, the interviewer must have thought that your skills do not match the description of the job opening. So maybe you weren't even meant for the job and there is something else waiting for you.

Be More Determined

Rejection in a job interview makes you realize if you really wanted the job or not. Interview results help you in evaluating decisions. Sometimes it happens that you are so engrossed in looking for a job that you forget the literal meaning of the term. So instead of searching for a job, you just apply to anything and everything you come across. And then you can end up somewhere you do not fit. So think before applying. To sum up, you need to learn how to prepare for an interview. Try everything possible to stand out in crowd.

Always remember, every 'no' from the interview is going to be worth that one 'yes' that you will finally receive. You need to stay positive and keep working on yourself. It is a long process and requires patience. Not every job you apply for is meant for you and neither are you meant for every job opening.

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