So, you want to learn tarot, become a psychic reader, develop your intuition. Many people are feeling that call, without quite understanding it or the history behind it. Here’s the thing – all those three desires are separate, each rife with misconceptions. Working backward:

Intuition develops naturally through taking care of one’s practical responsibilities, not unlike a by-product, as true spiritual growth requires wholistic balance. Attempting to develop intuition separately can lead to emotional imbalance that distorts, rather than enhances it. Remaining grounded in connection to physical reality is a safer, more effective way to increase your intuitive sense. That way you keep it in perspective and naturally learn to discern the difference between your intuition, your imagination, and your ego-driven projections. Keeping a journal of your experiences is a great way to reflect and learn which is what. Naturally intuitive individuals are usually highly sensitive, so you must learn to sit with discomfort as well as develop healthful adaptive behaviors instead of medicating any sensation that you do not experience as pleasurable.

You want to be a psychic reader? Let’s take a look at each of those two words, for added insight. A psychic is one who incorporates expanded perspective into life. That does NOT necessarily mean anything at all about telling the future. “The best way to tell the future is to create it.” – Confucius. A psychic, especially a professional psychic, lives in accordance with nature in order to keep balanced, and prioritizes connection with Divinity. That lifestyle is not for everyone, and that’s ok!

“Reader.” Some professionals who serve in this capacity prefer the term “interpreter” in peer discussions, as what is offered is a series of descriptions of perceptions, in order to empower the recipient. Some use the term “psychic advisor.” Excellent term for empowerment! Bottom line, no matter what the terminology: A psychic reader is not a juke box or a Magic 8 ball that will just spit out what you want to hear or provide one of a handful of canned responses. That’s where the interpreting and advising comes in. To be an effective psychic reader you need to be able to separate your own value system from the messages you’re receiving, and simply describe them, then offer supportive, neutral yet empowering guidance to the recipient. The process works best when the guidance is phrased in a manner that fits the recipient’s belief system. A tall order!

Lastly, tarot. Tarot is one of many completely different divination systems, so not the be all/end all of divination. Additionally, there exist too many types of tarot decks to even count! The traditional tarot, though it includes widely-accepted western iconic symbols and ancient Hebrew symbolism, is, at the same time based within a European medieval feudal system. So, by nature the foundation of the tarot system is oppressive, outdated, and patriarchal. Is that what you really want to learn in this day and age? Is it empowering, or restrictive? Think it through and make a conscious choice.

Other systems available, should you decide to select a system, are based in Eastern culture, such as Mah Jongg. The tile-based gambling game popular in retirement communities today actually began as a complex system of divination in China thousands of years ago. Everyone would go to the “fortune teller” to have their fortune for the Lunar year cast and interpreted by the diviner. It evolved into a gambling game, but the origin is spiritual in nature.

The Native American Medicine Cards created by Jamie Sams & David Carson offer deep insight based in indigenous American cultural connection with a variety of animal spirits & energies.

The options are many! If you truly do desire to learn to be of service in this way, explore your choices for what type of tool you desire, if you desire a tool at all. Then make a conscious selection that resonates with your own soul. Enjoy it, with honor!

Blessings on your path,
Dr. Renee

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