So-Low Ultra Low freezers are well-known for their durability and reliable performance. Widely available, these efficient laboratory freezers offer superior functionality that gives them an edge over competing brands. Manufactured by So-Low Environmental Equipment Co, these freezers are specially designed to meet the biological product storage requirements of research and clinical applications.

Ultra Low Freezers are Highly Durable and Usable

These Ultra Low freezers, with their advanced cooling system, can be trusted upon even when performance testing is done under the most demanding conditions. All models of the ultra-low freezers are backed by a 12-month warranty. The advantages of these advanced freezer units include reliability, ease of operation, effectiveness, and low maintenance.

Quality Construction

The quality construction of the ultra-low freezer makes them a very dependable option. The freezers have a 16-ga. exterior (cold rolled steel) and their non-corrosive steel centres are roused. This helps them remain cool for a longer time and puts negligible stress on the compressors. The main features of the -18°C to -80°C Temperature Range So-Low Ultra Low Freezer include:

• Interior dimensions: 42in W x 25in F-B x 49in H
• Exterior dimensions: 62in W x 35.5in F-B x 79in H

So-Low's Ultra Low freezers also have a dual show digital temperature control to ensure that freezer purposes at optimal temperature. Their audio and visual display can be cordless operated.

Many General Models

The product is available in flat as well as vertical models. The common temperature range for all the available models is between -40°C to -80°C and -40°C to -85°C. Though their features are similar, So-Low ultra-low freezers vary greatly in exterior and interior dimensions, temperature specifications and capacity.

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