Intuition - that "inner knowing," or "gut feeling," is not just for the new cage granola mafia. ;) For decades, I have supported & facilitated practical intuitive development for groups as well as individual entrepreneurs. Please note: I said "development," and "practical." Using intuition as a tool goes far beyond recalling that one instance when you knew who was calling you on the phone. Honed carefully over time, as with any tool, intuition will enhance your life experience and more specifically can improve your business life. Here are six overall ways. To receive specific guidance/instruction for your situation/business, you may contact me to schedule an appointment for a consultation. In the meantime, The Savvy Six:

1. Faster decision-making – The more closely in touch you are with your "inner knowing," the less time it takes to make your decisions. There no need to ponder or deliberate as long, even for impactful choices that drive your business.

2. Improved communication – Due to knowing where you stand, you more easily and smoothly express yourself, from your heart and straight from the hip as well, if that's your style. Expression stemming from intuition needn't be mealy mouth cotton candy! If straightforward, no-nonsense business is what you're about, great! Thank you for keeping it real without needing to use the terms "authentic" or "transparent." Real is real.

3. Deeper insight – When you operate increasingly from your true "inner knowing," you develop stronger self-awareness due to tighter connection with your core/higher self. Knowing yourself more deeply results in greater self-appreciation, as you are more clearly able to identify areas of needed change and then attend to them. Navigating a business is all about making adjustments. Not unlike surfing, wherein you go with a more active flow. In gaining deeper insight, you are able to take inspired action, with increased confidence.

4. More free time – What entrepreneur doesn't desire more free time? What you do with it after you have it is up to you, of course. It occurs as a result of being increasingly clear at the baseline. When you're no longer wringing your hands and deliberating back and forth, wondering what to do, or backpedaling to correct a decision made out of fear or prompted by someone else's manipulation, your time is freed up. So is your emotional space, your intellectual calm and your physical discomfort.

5. Increased sensuality – Developing a heightened experience of who you are, and operating more consistently from your intuitive side creates a better quality of experience for everyone involved. Factors include touch, taste, smell - in fact all the senses are enhanced when functional intuition is incorporated as a practice. The luscious feeling of connecting with your own higher self, with Divinity, with your heart - these are all one. Try it, you'll like it!

6. Greater vibrancy/abundance – The term "raising vibration" and claims of having a "high vibration" appear to be on the rise again, as the word "conscious" makes its way more deeply into the masses of sheeple seeking solace again. "A tree grows as tall as the roots are deep," meaning one must be grounded and centered. Otherwise, attempting to achieve a "high vibration" throws one off balance. For entrepreneurs, at least the ones I work with, conceptualizing "greater" vibrancy or "expanded" vibrancy is a more balanced, functional perspective. Especially for community-oriented individuals in service professions - your presence extends outward. The more you are connected in a practical way to your intuition, the less you can be impacted by nonsense in the way. You know what I'm talking about! Distractions fall away more swiftly, disruptions dissipate before affecting you, which results in improved quality of life. An uncomplicated way to measure this is to keep a journal. A success log can be a useful tool for your business, to note which endeavors you chose, how you approached them, and then what were the results. You'll see the visible evidence of your efforts.

Thank you for your time and continued interest. I know that while some of you are already adept, others have been frustrated with your attempts to learn & incorporate meditation or intuitive development into your routines. Keep at it! Speaking for myself, I've been a kamikaze meditator for decades. So yes, it's easier for me to dive more deeply into that calm state of joining with Divinity at this point. Keep at it. It's worth it. That access to the increased level of calm has practical benefits that enhance your life overall and your business specifically...not to mention health benefits but that's another subject.

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Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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