Summary: A 15-year old boy with a near-death experience relates seeing WWIII starting “very soon.” His YouTube text cited Zechariah 14: the “day of the Lord” comes with half of Jerusalem taken captive, houses rifled, women raped. Yeshua's warning would have spared the Jews in 70 AD. He said to flee when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies.

1. Some key points of Natan's “vision” fits the Bible, like his reference to Zechariah 14. Without debating the specifics, he says. “The day of the Lord,” was signaled by the solar eclipse on the equinox, March 20, 2015 and a blood moon on Passover. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord.” The Hebrew word paniym means facing. The events of 2015 face “the day of the Lord,” 2016 at the end of Joel's 2nd chapter.

2. “The day of the Lord” is also linked to Passover. It's the nature sequel to “the night of the Lord,” a phrase found only once in the Bible, Exodus 12. “The day of the Lord” is also linked to Passover as the “day of the Lord's sacrifice” in the 1st of Zephaniah where God will punish His people. We should see Passover as 'the day of the Lord's sacrifice,' described also in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah.

3. Y'shua was seen as a false prophet by Jewish leaders, but their record of persecuting the prophets is a concern. The disciples who fled for their lives at his capture were all willing to die, after seeing him resurrected. “Would we expect anyone to die for a lie?” Christ's warning would have spared the Jews in 70 AD. He said to flee when they saw the abomination spoken of by Daniel. His believers understood and were spared by fleeing. Is that history about to repeat?

4. Common sense is also a good reason to flee. Do we really believe God is going to work miracles for a secular city with no interest in Scripture by most people? Some think God brought them back to Israel in a miracle of 1948, but it was the United Nations which has no real love for Israel.

5. God said if Israel walked contrary to Him, He would punish them seven times over in Leviticus 25. The 4th of Ezekiel shows Israel in apostasy for 390 years, but they failed again. Seven times 390 years is 2730 and it began with the Assyrian Captivity ~722. BCE. This brings us to 2008 or 2009 (no year “0”) Any return before then was premature and subject to being scattered again.

6. Passover is not commanded without alternatives. Torah allows for a long journey in the 9th of Numbers where one keeps Passover in the 2nd month. Why not take a spring vacation? Torah teaches that the sacrifice for Passover is selected on the 10th day. If April 18 has any omens of trouble, 'head for the hills.'

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