When asked about the end of the world, Christ cited an abomination spoken of by Daniel that early believers understood as military brought by Rome and they fled the city as Christ warned in Matthew 24. This is a parallel to Executive Orders readied by Obama for martial law.

Obamacare is Obama’s legacy, but Daniel 1 has a healthcare focus that fits Obamacare. The king of Babylon had a prescribed health plan that Daniel wisely opted out of. Daniel declined the king’s food and wine and most people should consider how to do so today.

As early as 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that “A vegetarian diet can prevent 97% of our coronary occlusions.” (Google) Wine is the oldest drug in history, and in this analogy, it represents prescription drugs that have become a leading cause of illness and death.

Drug companies wrote most of the 20,000 pages of Obamacare that foolish congress approved before they knew what was in it, but as one senator admitted to this author, speaking of pharma’s donations to their re-election campaign, “They own us.”

True healthcare has an inverse relationship with medical care and prescription drugs. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. But for 40 years, the media have been dinning us with ‘healthcare’ via prescription drugs—“ask your doctor.”

Daniel 2 has the king’s dream about the ‘latter day.’ It shows the king of Babylon as the head of gold, but it was superseded by another kingdom, less wealthy. Historically, Babylon was a city in Iraq, and when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, it fell to ISIS, with its oil and gold. The stone kingdom at the end is the focus of Dr. Ruhling’s latest book (link below).

Daniel 3 shows the king of Babylon compelling worship to an image that prefigures the image beast in Revelation 13. The Bible uses cartoons to represent political powers. In Revelation 13, we see the papacy represented by an amalgamation of the beasts from Daniel 7 where a lion, bear, leopard and dragon represented Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and Rome, but were survived by a “little horn” (papacy).

The US is represented by the 2nd political cartoon that makes an image (look-alike) to the papacy. The UN New World Order will be the image that looks like the Old World Order under the papacy because it may have the pope riding it as the description in Revelation 17 suggests.

So how is Obama linked to this? The pope’s push for Sunday legislation to boost church attendance uses global warming as a pretext to close business and commerce on Sunday. When asked of the #1 risk to national security, Obama did not cite terrorism or Muslim refugees or an open border and illegal aliens. He cited the pope’s idea—global warming!

Daniel 4 is about a great fruitful tree that was cut down. It represented the king of Babylon, but we might see its application to Obama as head of America when the economy crashes, thanks to the unbridled spending of this administration for the past seven year, like the seven years in that chapter.

Daniel 5 it about the fall of Babylon when the Medes and Persians entered the city by the river gate after they diverted the river into a reservoir. Waters represent people in Bible prophecy and in this case, people have been diverted from their countries in the Middle East to come to America. It is doubtful that leaders will understand the loss of America due to their policies till it’s too late—open borders have been going on for a long time, but enhanced under Obama.

The question might be, Can we see the Bible as relevant to what’s happening? Does God really know the end from the beginning and does He have a wise plan that can save us? Dr. Ruhling believes so.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that offers more information on Daniel and has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon. For those who don’t do Kindle, he also offers a low cost pdf at http://RichardRuhling.com His latest book, The Time Is Fulfilled: Judgment & Kingdom Are Impending is no-charge on Tuesday, November 1 at http://amzn.to/2eVTqaW