As an executive coach, I notice one shift in mindset can translate to amazing results. As a life coach, I see people experiencing so much joy, love, peace and happiness in all areas of their lives – business, home, relationships with others, health. Setting the Law of Attraction into motion to achieve what you want can be a powerful force along this path. And I know this, and still I myself make mistakes.
I made some big mistakes last year and I want to share the results with you.

Everything I’ve ever taught has had this concept at the core: Be happy first, and everything else works itself out.

I observed it in the most successful people I met; I taught it to thousands who used the concept to have very successful lives. Then somehow I got off the path myself.

The moment I stopped trying to show the world I could have a big company, I felt joy. The moment I stopped working from guilt and obligation, trying to keep up appearances, I felt light and free.

The moment I let go of doing things that made me feel bad, and stopped doing things because they were things I had grown used to doing, everything changed. Everything got better. Everything accelerated. Things became effortless. Everything started flowing again.

Magic, synchronicity, and cooperation began to flow in my life. My wife jumped on board and starting helping me with everything, and we have been reconnecting and loving each other more and more ever since.

I got my joy back, and the moment I got my joy back. The Law of Attraction started working again! For me, it was even worse to completely realize that the Law of Attraction had never stopped working for me. The Law of Attraction gladly orchestrated all of my failures, set backs, resistance and obstacles.

But no one ever talks about that…do they? I want to share with you six mistakes people make with the Law of Attraction, so you don’t have to go there yourself. You can shift and find yourself back on track once again.

Law of Attraction Mistake # 1: I'm not clear about what I want and why I want it.

“I know what I want! I want more money! I want to be fit, thin and sexy!” Most people say. Yet, most people who say that to me are fat and broke. They haven’t gotten to the bottom of why they want what they want. Almost everyone I meet is trying to prove something, demonstrate something, be something, show the world, and be somebody.

You are always getting what you want. You just aren’t clear about it, so when you get it, you don’t know you have it.

If you want fame and fortune so you can prove to the world that you are good enough, then your mind is clear that you aren’t good enough; otherwise you won’t have to prove it. If you are clear you aren’t good enough, then you will attract situations that make it obvious you aren’t good enough.

Law of Attraction Mistake #2: What I want conflicts with my beliefs.

This is the true killer of your manifestations. As a life coach, I see this all the time. You are always getting what you truly believe.

(a) I want to be rich
(b) I want the love of my life
(c) I want respect and power
(d) I want to be #1
(e) I want to be skinny

(a) I’m not good enough
(b) I’m ugly
(c) I’m stupid
(d) I don’t deserve success
(e) I hate myself

You can see where what you want and what you believe may conflict. This sets up a Law of Attraction messing up of your resonation. You are resonating with one thing and another, all over the place. You will attract something but who knows what that will be. Get clear and let go of the beliefs that are blocking your wishes from flowing to you easily.

Law of Attraction Mistake #3: What I want begins to manifest from where I stand today (the mistake is most people don’t get that).

Where you are is the perfect place to get what you want. But, most people decide on their new intention and instantly make where they are wrong. They say “Some day, when I have this or have done that, then I will …”

This sends out a message: now is not enough.

Now is not good.

Law of Attraction Mistake # 4: I drop everything to pursue my manifestation.

People drop everything that is sustaining them. People drop everything that holds their life together. When you compromise your structure for existence, that critical mind part of you kicks into survival mode. Your life becomes a train wreck.

Law of Attraction Mistake #5: My focus is self-centered.

You will never be in the flow worrying about yourself. Worrying about self is seeing what is wrong. Instead, focus your attention on being of service to others. Watch what happens when you shift your energy to help others.

Law of Attraction Mistake #6: I’m obsessed with getting my results.

The results always come but they bubble up. They never look the way you thought they would. That’s the magic of the universe working on your behalf. Results show up in the way that serves everyone on the planet. So this is not always what you thought, in fact, the result seldom resembles exactly what you imagined. But it might be better.

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