Mommy really doesn't know much right now, but I promise you I will. The only thing I do know is mommy loves you more than words, more than actions. Mommy loves you as though you are her heart, spirit, and soul wrapped in one... without a beginning or an end. There is no depth or breath to my love, because how can there be when it's everywhere?!

There is no obligation to being a mommy. Obligation doesn't exist when you want to do it, when you crave it, when nothing satisfies you more than knowing this little person is in your life. There will be tough roads. Life will throw me curve balls, but I will either duck, jump out of the way, or hit a grand slam. Without my knowing, my whole life has prepared me for this... the most important thing I will ever do.

I thought my life was pretty good before... I was a single, independent woman, who traveled to places like Greece, The Czech Republic, and The Netherlands, lived in Africa and Norway, and had adventures like dog sledging, shark diving, and sky diving. I even wrote a book about Live Your Greatest Life. I coach and speak with people about doing just that. How was I supposed to know that living my greatest life had not even begun?

You, my son, are my greatest adventure. Traveling means nothing compared to spending one day with you. Living in a foreign land seems perfect, but having a "coo" conversation with you is my ideal world. Living my greatest life begins with me... but it ends with you. I will not lose myself along the way, because once I do that, my goal--of being the best mom I can be--will also get lost. I can't be the mom I can be without first being the woman I'm meant to be.

So, mommy may not know much now. But she knows each time she sees you, she falls in love. With each hand holding, she falls in love. With each cuddle session, she falls in love. With each goo goo, she falls in love. With each kiss, hug, and sleepy eye rubbing, she falls in love. With each conversation you have in the crib with yourself, she falls in love. With each poopy diaper explosion... oh, not so much.

Mommy knows she isn't perfect and will never be. Things may work well for other mommies and not for her... and that's okay, because not all mommies are alike and not all children are the same. But she promises to always do her best for you and herself. Mommy knows that her best laid plans go astray, but she knows this was the journey that was meant for her and blessings come at the most inopportune time. Mommy knows she still has so much to learn... and you will be her best teacher. Lucky for you she loves learning.

Thank you, my son, for giving me what I didn't know I needed when I didn't know I needed it. You've already catapulted mommy's life and changed her world. She looks forward to all the adventures you have in store for her. What mommy knows is now she's living her greatest life all because you exist in it!

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