Cancer is spreading in our world faster than it can spread in the human body. The present lifestyle and our immediate environment have a lot to contribute to this deadly disease. You must know some basic things about cancer so that you can take preventive measures. Read on to find out.

Now let us take a thorough look into what causes cancer. In short, cancer is the abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells in any part of the body. It is the second most lethal disease in the world. But the good news is that, with the improvement in treatment and technology, the surviving rates are improving significantly.

Causes of Cancer
In the cellular level, we have a lot of genetic information stored in the DNA. This genetic information is responsible for giving us our body shape, structure and features.

Apart from storing the information, these genes are responsible for all the function that our bodies perform. When these genes get mutated in some way or the other, it causes what we know as Cancer.

Genetic mutations are of two types:
•The Mutation caused before birth inherited from parents.These are responsible for the lesser percentage of cancers.

•Mutations after birth which occur for exterior forces like lifestyle. In this case, smoking or carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) viruses or radiation can cause cancer. This type accounts for the major percentage of cancers.

Genetic mutation snaps the ability of the cells to function properly. Thus there is uncontrollable cell division and growth. Hence we often see a lump in the area of cancer.

Signs And Symptoms of Cancer
Signs and symptoms will vary with the type of cancer and the place where it has occurred. But the suggestion is that whenever you see or feel in an unnatural phenomenon in your body, go to the doctor.

•Discoloration of skin without showing signs of improvement.
•Sudden and unintended weight gain or loss of weight.
•Unexplained lumps in the body.
•Sore throat and persistent difficulty in breathing.
•The medication is not relieving in a stubborn cough.
•Wounds take longer time to heal and sometimes convert to moles.
•Changes in the regular bowel movement. Prolonged indigestion.
•Sudden bleeding without a cause.
•Fatigue and pain around the joints in the body

The symptoms of cancer are not sudden. Most of the signs are for a prolonged period of time. This does not mean that if you have any of these signs, you have cancer. There are lots of screening tests that can be done to check. Always consult your doctor before deriving a conclusion.
Never panic if you experience one or more of these signs. If you have doubts first take the tests and rest will fall into place.

Prevention of Cancer
Everything Health says there are no sure shot preventive measures for cancer. However, years of research has a lead expert to derive certain measures that may prevent cancer to some extent. I am sharing a few of those measures below.

Do not smoke: Now it is a well-known fact that smoking and taking tobacco products can directly lead to cancer. So choose wisely and quit these right away. Limit the intake of alcohol or quit if possible.

Eat healthily: A diet rich in lean protein and fiber is known to have prevented cancer. You must intake a lot of fresh greens and vegetables. Fruits have had natural cancer-fighting chemicals.

Manage your weight: Obesity is a major risk factor for cancer. You must maintain a healthy weight with proper diet and lifestyle.

Exercise must a regular routine: Doing regular exercise is a must. You are keeping your body active releases a lot of good chemicals and hormones in your body that helps to ward off cancer. Exercise has no alternative. At least five days a week you must do some aerobic exercises.
Limit your sun time: Recent studies have shown that overexposure to the sun may cause different types of cancer. Use sun protection lotions and cosmetics available. Use umbrellas and shades before moving out in the sun.

Thus, keeping cancer at bay is not one hundred percent in your hands. A lot of factors contribute to this disease. But the least you could do is to be aware of how this disease works. Keep a check on your health and habits. Visit your doctor immediately if you have an ounce of doubt within. Early diagnosis has better chances of cure.

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