Forgive the bragging, the shameless boasting. But I have to say my oldest son married a gem.

She works full time, is sweet as can be, pretty, she’s a great Mom…and…are you ready? She keeps a spotless house.

Her secret? She has a schedule. And finding the balance in her life—time for work, family, shopping, fun—she cleans one part of the house each day. And even with a two and a four-year old, her house sparkles.

So being the quick chica that I am, I learned from her. There are seven ways that you and I can have not only a clean house, but a clean, shining and a well-balanced life. Like my daughter-in-law, we need a schedule for each day of the week:

Sunday, leave church well-equipped with what we need to tackle the week’s mess we’re sure to face.
Mondays, bring out the hope and anticipation of God’s help. A new week means new challenges, but also new ways for Him to show off His power to provide.
Tuesday, dust the top of our heart. You know how junk of insecurities accumulate? So we dust them off.
Wednesday, clean out the kitchen, including the fridge. We toss out those negative thoughts that were there so long, they probably have mold of enouragement.
Thursday clean out the drawers of confusion. Arrange all that’s important in the right order: God first, family second and job third.
Friday, prepare for the celebration, polish that silver tarnished by gloom, let God’s joy shine through.
Saturday, empty that hamper and wash bad habits out of your life. Be sure to spray God’s strength, the spot remover on those habits that are hard to get rid of.
In God’s book, each day is planned. Each week is arranged. Each month is orchestrated. We just need to seek God’s wisdom to follow His steps, follow His lead and relish in a new, balanced life.

“Lord, help me to know the number of my days so brief; so I may have a heart of wisdom. You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you” (Psalm 39:4-5).

Father, in the brevity of life on earth, my life needs a spring cleaning every season of the year. I commit to make each day count, clean what needs cleaning, clear out what needs discarding and keep what brings that perfect balance for my days. In Jesus’s name, amen.

What lacks balance in your life?
How will you change your routine to make God first in all you do?
How often do you ask for God’s wisdom to bring order to your days?

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