What Do We Understand by a Segregated Account?

A segregated account refers to an account owned by a company. In other instances, it can signify a securities portfolio of an individual. It remains separate from the primary or chief bank account of the two, holding their funds separately. In most cases, it remains under the name and management of a relevant nominee who handles the “hedge” amount owned by the individual or the business. After that, an investment manager receives the right to use the money and trade the significant securities. They can do so on behalf of their client. 

The system and arrangement of a segregated account ensure that the accumulated funds do not get interfered with or used inappropriately at any point. For that reason, it gets utilized in the Forex industry. In such cases, it makes sure that the customers’ funds do not get used for functional or operational purposes. In addition to that, it motivates the clients to invest in a Forex broker. It can get owed to the definitive knowledge of their money. 

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What Do We Understand by a Forex Bonus?

A Forex bonus refers to a regular promotion that an existing or a new customer can receive. It can include those who remain registered to the relevant website in the first case. Nonetheless, the bonuses get provided to the two without any added or hidden obligations. In other words, it excludes instances of paying or performing a specific action. The sole responsibility and duty of the customer to avail of the Forex bonus are to get registered officially to the website. Nevertheless, a few Forex bonuses may require an individual or a company to make deposits in specified amounts to their accounts. 

A Forex bonus can primarily be of three types. They consist of the Forex deposit bonus, welcome Forex bonus, and Forex no-deposit bonus. Each of the three provides different and distinct benefits that suit varied people. 

Is It Justified to Say Khwezi Trade Has It All?

Khwezi Trade is a South African Forex broker operating online. It offers four live or active accounts across the MT4 trading platform. It functions under the supervision and regulation of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa. It guarantees that the organization works efficiently. In addition to that, it ensures its association with solely the top-tier and highest-rated banks of the country. 

Overall, Khwezi Trade provides various trading offers in commodities, indices, and currency pairs. On top of that, it brings market signals and extra analysis tools. 

Khwezi Trade provides a safeguarded arrangement of the funds of a company or an individual that get kept in a segregated account. In addition to that, it offers a deposit bonus of 30% on the first or initial deposit. The other perks, such as the no deposit and welcome ones, are equally favorable. For that reason, it is justified to say Khwezi Trade has it all. It is so considering all the benefits and facilities it brings. 

If you are interested in segregated accounts and their associated Forex bonuses, we have all it takes to divulge you. We are FSCA regulated Forex brokers who offer different and distinct valuable and beneficial perks that you will surely like.


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