Who doesn't want to know the secrets of the wealthy? I'm definitely interested! After all, they're the people who have everything at the palm of their hand. They're the ones who are living the good life.

And before we go any further, I need to clarify that wealth isn't only measured in terms of financial success, but also success in life. The secrets of the wealthy await you below.

Secret # 1 of the Wealthy: They Are Smart About Money.

Rich people are never careless with their money. I'm not talking about the young men and women who spend on designer clothes and cars like there's no tomorrow. Those people didn't earn the money that they're spending themselves.

The rich people I'm talking about are those who actually did the legwork to expand their businesses, create their empires and blaze trails. These people are smart about their money. They don't buy out the whole mall in one day. Instead, they spend their money on investments, but are careful not to put all their eggs in one basket.

Secret # 2 of the Wealthy: They See Beyond What is Obvious.

One secret of the wealthy is that they see beyond what normal people see. Most of them are visionaries. That said, they have the ability to create something out of nothing.

You don't become rich by being like everybody else. You don't become rich by copying what other people have done. Rich people don't believe in the word impossible. They know they can make things happen.

Secret # 3 of the Wealthy: They Give More.

As surprising as this sounds, wealthy people aren't always the selfish tycoons media portrays them to be. A lot of rich people are actually very generous. They set up foundations or donate to charity. There is some sort of karmic reward for doing something good.

Money isn't the only thing you can give away either. Wealthy people also give their time and effort to important causes, and they come out a changed person.

The secrets of the wealthy are at your fingertips. Whatever you do with this knowledge is up to you. Just remember that life isn't always about money. Most of the time, it's about following your heart and helping other people.

Think about your life now and determine how you can improve it based on these three secrets of the wealthy. Soon after, you can call yourself a rich person for all the insights and experiences you'll gain along the way. The money will start rolling after.

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