When a woman sees her husband is touched with tenderness toward her from Scripture and that he prays for God's blessing on their marriage, her heart is touched and she may even weep with love for God and him. This could be a secret wish or unidentified need of half the world's population.

Islam means voluntary submission or surrender to the will of God. It derives from the root word “salam,” meaning peace. But if one is forced at the threat of beheading to convert or die, where is the “voluntary submission”? This is hypocrisy—saying one things and doing another...

We see that Ishmael “will be a wild man, his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him,” Genesis 16:12. This seems true for his descendants as well. The Bible's use of “man” may be generic and include women. The abuse of women in Islam is not fully understood.

Googling female genital mutilation gets 3,630,000 results, suggesting a big issue, and a sad perversion of what God gave women to enjoy marital relationship. For this “religion of peace” and “voluntary submission” to force this on the weaker sex is neither manly, godly nor biblical.

“The truth shall set you free.” Where Islam lacks in truth, it applies force to overcome reason. This is because the Quran has an origin that is not from Allah (God) as the Youtube link at the end shows.

Radical Islam sees the US as the “Great Satan,” and this is understandable from our bringing our culture—tobacco, alcohol, drugs, rock music, dancing, Hollywood/TV movies with a focus on sex, perversion, crime, violence, none of which is condoned in the Bible, but they think this is Christianity.

When it comes to Christianity, they think of the Crusades and again are deceived as the Vatican in Rome has never been based on Bible truth, but rather half-truths, but they strategized to mentor young Muhammed and when their strategy to get control of Jerusalem failed, then came the Crusades.

The Bible's book of Daniel--8th chapter, shows the end of militant Islam. The angel Gabriel tells Daniel that a ram's two horns are the kings of Media and Persia. This happened when Alexander defeated them in 331 BC, but Gabriel also said “at the time of the end shall be the vision,” (verse 17) and we now see Iraq and Iran/ISIS in the same geographic area. The death of Saddam is almost a guarantee for his counterpart in Iran.

But payback is also coming to America as it becomes like Babylon. The Medes and Persians conquered Babylon but not by military force. They came in by diverting the river which flowed under the city, but in Bible prophecy, waters represent peoples and nations (Revelation 17:15) and America has let them enter without conquest of war by our friendly Islamic policies, seen in the author's website below.

The origin of the Quran is of interest for documentation, but it's really no surprise; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdOub4jx8p4&feature=youtu.be

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Dr. Richard Ruhling offers further information at http://IslamUSInProphecy.wordpress.com His ebook, Apocalypse 2015 is available for Kindle at Amazon or pdf for cheap at http://thebridegroomcomes.com/