The imagination of Paras jewel (touchstone) is very ancient. It is believed that when Paras touches iron it gets converted to gold. No such material has yet been found. If this were not the case all the iron of the world till today would have been converted to gold. If this were to happen then the value of iron will become akin to the value of gold that is noted today.

This then is merely a symbol. This imagination must have arisen when the darkness of light was compared to iron and at dawn the golden sun spreads its brilliant light. Thus the comparison with Paras jewel appears true when the dark night meets the early morning golden sun shine. It is possible that by symbolically talking about this golden sun Rishis via the description of Paras jewel were putting forth its deep import.

This opprtunity is very valuable and important too. Night and day together constitute 24 hours but the highest point of influence is at dawn. Only a few hours exist in it like dusk. Night continues and the setting sun becomes golden from white. Entire nature gets influenced by this extraordinary time of change. That is both from the mundane and spiritual standpoint.

The vibrations of this time are felt by both material and creatures. A change takes place in the temperature and characteristiscs of objects. Zest and enterprise are seen to rise in a crescendo in ones consciousness. At dawn everyone is energetic and joyous and as soon as evening and night set in sleep takes over. The number of crimes and criminals too augments. But dawn inspires all to think and act sacredly. This is the grace of the sun. The Rishis of yore ordain us to perform spiritual practice at Brahma Muhurat (3 am to 6 am) so as to make apt usage of sun’s blessings. Many examples of Savita deity’s deep import are listed in various Vedic texts.

Ya eshantaraditye hirashmayaha purusho drishyate.


MEANING: One gets a vision of God in the deep recesses of this golden sun.

Ya eshontash ditye



MEANING: This sun is golden. Its hair on the skin and head are golden.

Along with being golden the sun is on the move ceaselessly. It needs no shelter or aid. Hence its chariot is believed to have only 1 wheel. It is called Sudarshan Chakra or Kal Chakra too.

This chariot has 7 horses and the number 7 is used in musical notes and days of the week too so as to calculate time. This is proved via the following:

Sapatashwa rathinam hiranya varna.


MEANING: The sun which has 7 horses attached to its chariot, which is gold in hue is the normal form on which it is apt to meditate.

Saptashwam chaiva chakram.


MEANING: The sun’s chariot has 1 wheel. Seven horses are attached to it.

Comparisons using the number 7 are many: 7 islands, 7 seas, 7 colors, 7 mountains, 7 rivers, 7 ores, 7 worlds, 7 Chakras, 7 fires, 7 Rishis, 7 days, 7 notes etc. A symbolic analysis of the 7 horses of the sun has been made.

Within the realm of modern science 7 types of major radiation energy are active in the cosmos:

Cosmic energy
Ultraviolet radiation energy
Visible light radiation energy
Invisible radiation energy
Radio energy
X-ray radiation energy
Gama radiation energy

While praying to the 7 horses of the sun the devotee desires soul victory and proper control of energy.

Jayojayashcha vijito jayaha pranojit shramaha.

Manojavojit krodho vajinaha sapta kirtataha.


MEANING: Where there is need of victory one attains it. The victorious too can be defeated. It is possible to win over vital force, tiredness, mind and anger. What can your 7 horses not achieve?

Great thinkers say that when the sun’s 7 colors’ 7 rays enter the personality of man certain glories are seen as special qualities. These are:

Self control

These are those special qualities on whose basis an ordinary stature man also becomes radiantly talented and successful. It is either decrease or lack of these special qualities that makes man downfallen.

For various goals there are varied usages of solar energy. A major role is played by solar energy in Kundalini awakening. On its basis the 6 Chakras, 5 sheaths, Mooladhar, Sahasrar Kamal and the trio viz. Ida, Pingala, Sushumna renounce their latent state and become active. Thus a seeker imbibes intense divine potential.

These 7 Chakras are called 7 centers of prana or vital force. These are called 7 rishis, 7 Yajnas, 7 Samidhas, 7 worlds etc. These are all found in the 7 inner recesses. This mystery has been unfolded as follows:

Sapta pranaha prabhavanti tasmat

Saptarchishaha samidhaha sapta homaha.

Sapta imey loka yeshu charanti prana

Guhashaya nihitaha sapta sapta.


MEANING: Seven Chakras are present in all pilgrim spots as representatives. By invoking them a devotee attains the sacred merits of all pilgrim spots.

Students of science are aware of 7 streams of nature’s energies. They are:


These 7 are represented by the 7 Chakras (subtle plexus) of the human body.

Conscious energy too has 7 classifications and they are:

Para energy
Wisdom energy
Will based energy
Action energy
Kundalini energy
Matrika energy
Gupta or hidden energy

The united form of all these is called ‘Light of Logos’. It is also called Latent Light, Astral Light etc. This is the divine light of divine consciousness which is noted as Savita’s rays.

Savita and kundalini are inseparably bound to each other:

Yada kundalini shaktirarvimati sadhake.

Tadas panchkoshe mattejenubhavati dhruvam.

……………………. SURYA GITA

MEANING: When Kundalini Energy awakens a seeker/devotee experiences his/her 5 Sheaths filled with divine light. A devotee experiences that the 5 Sheaths, 6 Chakras, 3 Granthis, 24 glands ooze with divine light.

Bhuvan jnanam surya saymat.


MEANING: At the time of solar eclipse the state of that sun is strange. During day it appears as though night has set in. Its influence is seen in the material world too. And yet in spiritual practices it gives miraculous results. Hence followers of both sects i.e. Agam and Nigam never fail to perform spiritual practice during solar eclipse.

Surya graham kalena samonyonasi kashchan.

Tatra yat tat kritam sarva manantfalam bhavet.


MEANING: The time span of solar eclipse is not ordinary like other times. Whatever spiritual practice is done during solar eclipse gives infinite fruits/results.

Agnihotra (fire worship) in a certain sense is nothing but solar worship. An important give and take relationship exists between divine fire and the sun. Via that divine method a Yajna performer attracts the desirable portion of solar energy to him self/her self. Along with this they augment those principles in solar gifts which render creatures, plants and season’s environment optimally conducive.

Etasmin mandale soagni.

MEANING: Whatever principle exists in the sun manifests as Yajnafire.

Yacchagnau tattejo vidhi mamakam.

………… GITA

MEANING: The capacity of Yajna fire to burn is my (God) own.

Yatra-yatra cha sankirnamatmanam manyate sudhihi.

Tatra-tatra tilai homo gayatraya agnihotra vai.

MEANING: If a devotee/spiritual aspirant is not aware of the correct methodology of Anushthan (worship program) he/she can do Havan/Yajna using sesame seeds while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.

In Agnihotra various types of herbs and other offerings are used. But if they are not available Savita or Savitri can be worshiped merely using sesame seeds.

Sun is an infinite storehouse of material energy. It has much more potential than that required by entire earth. So far lack has been fulfilled using oil, gas and other fuels but since the fount of all this is slowly drying up only the sun can look after our needs.

According to Time magazine of USA today in 4 million homes of America tasks like taking light from solar energy, rendering the house warm and cooking food are being executed. A fifth of the population of Israel (220,000 people) are taking light and energy from the sun for various tasks. This facility is available in 2 million homes of Japan. Many nations like France, Germany etc are marching ahead in this direction. On 3rd May 1978 ‘Solar Day’ was celebrated and it was cogitated upon as to how optimally more usage of solar energy can be made. This is a directly visible usage of solar energy.

In place of ancient solar worship in later times the symbol of Shiva was imbibed. The ancient form of Jyotirlinga was the sun. Today the same form is being used as Shiva Linga. Thus in its changed form solar worship today is in vogue just like ancient times.

The above is proved via Rishi literature:

Adityam cha shivam vidyat shiva aditya rupinam.

Ubhayorantaramnasti adityasya cha shivasya cha.

…………………….. SHIVA PURANA

MEANING: Siva and sun must be looked upon as one. There is no difference between the two.

Many tales are related to Shiva. Some seem intellectual and others are not. But such stories are not related to the sun which can point fingers at it being Shiva incarnate.

The material visible sun is said to be the body of Savita deity and Shiva based existence. In reality within this body it is the presence of conscious storehouse which is worth worshiping. Life is attained by all as a result of this. Via that worship greatness in life gets imbibed.

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