If like most people, you find it difficult to climb out of bed early in the morning especially sleeping cosily on the most comfortable bed after online mattress shopping. Though it is a great feeling to wake up late and also hit the snooze button. But after the initial struggle once you wake up as the sun rises there are many benefits to be had. As Benjamin Franklin famously said ‘The early morning has gold in its mouth’. Here are some of the advantages of waking up early that will make you set your alarm at 6 AM.

Enjoying the quiet: The best part of waking up early is the peace that one gets to enjoy when everyone in the house is yet to awake and start their day. Ensure that you don’t get distracted by checking a text or email messages from work or family. It is the best time to focus and reflect on the things to be done for the rest of the day. Waking up early also helps to have a head start and get things done without hurry. It also helps to get to work in a good mood.

Helps physical health: If you wake up early, there will be enough time to do some exercise. Morning exercise is the best way to get in some physical activity and workout some sweat. Moreover, there will be no distractions when you are doing your workouts. It will also put you in a good mood and thus help in both emotional and physical health. When you wake up early you can make one of the healthiest breakfast for your family which is considered as the most important meal of the day.

Decrease stress: When you wake up late, many things get affected like not being able to make breakfast, rushing to work, rushing to send kids to work. All these lead to stress as there is little time left to finish all the morning chores. When you wake up early, there is no pressure and one can do things peacefully without getting pressurized about getting late.

Gives a healthy skin: A good night of sleep can do wonders to your skin. Also, exposure of morning sunlight to your face gives a glow to it and the necessary Vitamin D. Moreover, if you wake up early you will have time to exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and keeps your skin hydrated by drinking enough water which promotes healthy skin. Early risers will have enough time to take care of their skin through moisturizing and exfoliating.

More energy through the day: When a person gets the right amount of rest, he/she tends to feel more energetic throughout the day. As early risers have sleep patterns that suit them than those who sleep late. When you get quality sleep the mind and the body rejuvenates and repairs. That helps in increased blood supply to the muscles, better hormone production required for development, tissue and bone repairs happen and much more. Thus a good night’s sleep and early rising will make a person feel energetic for the rest of the day.

The benefits are aplenty for the early riser. If you are someone who is a night owl you can still give up that habit with a little patience and perseverance. Sooner or later you will give up the habit of sleeping and waking up late. Ensure that you have the right sleep tools so that you can sleep well. There are many online manufacturers like Wakefit that ship sleeping pillow online and other bedding to enable you to sleep better.

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