The intention of this article is to shed some light on a famous passage of scripture. But before I do so, let me first ask two challenging questions:

1. If we were called to see the Queen of England, what would be our attire?

Most definitely, If I received an invitation to see someone of such royalty I would make certain to dress for the occasion.

2. What about if we were going to see the President in the white house?

In an attempt to put our 'best foot forward', we would have taken out the best suit out of our closets, or maybe even purchase a new one.

In the Caribbean Islands, when we go to the Court of Law, we are not permitted entry unless we are dressed appropriately. In colloquial terms we call it our 'Sunday Best'.

During this recent modern movement however, it has become common and even acceptable, when entering the presence of the Almighty God and Creator, that the same standards are not upheld. Why then is it ok, to come before our Father without giving any thought to what we wear, but if we were going elsewhere, we would have made certain that we dressed appropriately.

Let me pause here to say this: I am in no wise speaking about instances ‘when better cannot be done’. I am instead speaking of the entire opposite ‘when better can be done, but it is not done’. Only we can know which area applies to us.

In an attempt to grab at some form of justification, for this habitual action, the words 'render your hearts and not your garment' is used. If the bible did say this then I can partly understand why 'we do what we do', because 'render truly means 'to give'. So then, it will be a correct interpretation of those words to be 'give your hearts and not your garments'.

But did the Bible really say Render? No it did Not.
So what did it say? If we read the passage of scripture found in Joel 2: 12 - 13, we will find the answer to this question.

12 Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repent him of the evil.

In Joel 2 God had a big problem with the great sins of the House of Israel. God had patience with them through out the years and at times pleaded for them to turn from their ways. But they would not, so in this chapter Joel warned them of the destruction that is near, because of their lack of regard for their God and Joel called for his people to go down in Fasting.

When the people in biblical times, went into fasting, they would 'rend' or 'tear' their clothing and put on instead 'sackcloth' as a symbol of mourning. But even thou this was done the hearts of the people still was not repetitive. So actually, it was all done for a show. Joel knowing this, so he ask for the people to be sincere this time and 'rend your hearts and not your garments'.

This meant to 'tear your hearts and not your garments and let your heart be broken for the evil that done'
So then, the term 'render your heart and your garment' is actually not in scripture and therefore should not be a reason for our actions. But does this mean then that there are certain instances when it cannot be helped. Of course, I believe that there are instances, when circumstances, beyond our control, prevents us from 'dressing our best' but this should not always be the case. For our God is Holy and he deserves the same honor, and much more, that has been given to anyone else.

It is also said that the bible says 'come as you are'. This phrase is often used but it is not found in the scriptures either. And even if we do 'come as we are', just being in the presence of God, changes us, so we can never stay as we are.

I am in no wise, trying to offend anyone. I am just merely stating my opinion on this most controversial topic. I hope it is respected as such.

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I am presently an administrative assistance and a join owner of a Metal Craft Business. I also work on my site With a passion for writing, I have written articles,books, stories, dialogues, poetry and songs.

God has blessed me with the gift of teaching and I am presently the leading bible study teacher, children Sunday School Teacher at my assembly and have preached several messages both locally and abroad