"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." -Barack Obama

Wow…what a great quote from our president! He is one of many influential people that have used change to move mountains and make a difference in the world. To change allows the unthinkable to happen in your life. I find it to be one of the most positive and productive ways to promote self-growth.

Just take a moment and look at nature. If you look closely, you will see change happening right before your eyes. For instance, seasons change every year with ease and no interruptions. It starts at the beginning with spring then to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter. Then seasons start all over again in a spectacular universal cycle. And the amazing thing is the rest of nature such as the animals
and plants, all follow harmonically by changing according to the laws of nature.

Why is it so hard for people to change? Many times we get so comfortable with the ways things are, that we never think outside the box and say, “Maybe I should try something different, perhaps a new approach on things will help my situation and how I feel”. So many of us get so stuck in a rut, expecting great things to happen in our lives but we are not willing to “do the work” to make it happen.

Whether it is that new job or career you’ve always wanted, more money in the bank, better health, loving relationships, and more! No more excuses and sitting there waiting for a miracle. It can happen for you
if you are willing to have an open mind and try a different approach by changing from the usual.

Ever since childhood many of us were taught to fear the unknown. I don’t think it was done intentional by our parents to teach fear. It was just passed on by their parents and their parents, parents and so on. The end result is a cycle of generations not accepting the possibility of change being a positive aspect of life growth.

Can you imagine if someone asked you if you had the opportunity to see yourself 10 years from now in a mirror, would you want to see yourself? Do you think you would be happy with what you see? For some, it would make them happy to see themselves being unstoppable and reaching for the stars. But then many would find it a bit depressing especially if they are seen doing the same thing 10yrs from now. Now, I’m not saying go out and change if your life is working out just the way you want it to be by not changing, by all means continue to do what is successful for you.

Help a friend today who is feeling a bit discouraged. Perhaps a small change can give them better results, and greater possibilities!

Author's Bio: 

Monica Carr, is a serial entrepreneur by nature and professional business woman whose background includes inspirational website publishing, producing community events, freelance public relations, and executive assisting.

Having owned her first small business at the tender age of 19, she knew early on that her love for business and community relations would be a huge aspect of in her life journey.

In 2011, Monica was chapter owner/hostess director of a social fun-club called Chat, Chew, and Chocolate Greater Hartford Chapter. She coordinated monthly inspirational events that empowered and inspired busy superwomen to get out and enjoy “me time” regularly. She've been featured in various media outlets and newspapers such as The Hartford Courant, Middletown Press, CT Cares Media, and the West Hartford News.

Her passion for writing and communications, led her to take a leap of faith and create “Mo Mentality Moments”. Monica hopes to connect with like-minded people all over, as well as motivate and inspire others.

Monica Carr, is a proud Connecticut native and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She enjoys planning events, traveling, listening music, and volunteering her time.