As NY & NJ join PA, MO, IL, NE to investigate Catholic clergy cover-ups, Revelation 17 has clues that only fit the papacy. Papacy derives from papa. Christ said, “Call no man father,” Matthew 23:9. He further said, “All ye are brethren,” denying the idea of a hierarchy and the top has the title of “Lord God the Pope.” That’s blasphemy (Bible).

The 2nd verse in Revelation shows the harlot guilty of fornication which is sex between people who are not married to each other. In this broad definition, sex with altar boys, priests (widespread according to an ex-priest) or nuns who are told they are “the bride of Christ” can all be included.

The system has the condemnation of Scripture because it cheapens the sacrifice of Christ who died to save us from out sins (Matt 1:21) by repentance when we see the price He paid for us. For a priest to accept money and say the person is forgiven is like an MD who gives a drug for symptoms and says, See me next week or month…

Both are false systems. The people who are deceived could be well or saved if they exercised their freedom of choice to live better. Some excellent physicians give TED talks on YouTube showing how most major conditions can be reversed by better eating habits. (Search TED talks: Neal Barnard, Colin Campbell; Michael Greger, etc.)

As we celebrate 9-11 next week, we should not forget that the accounting dept of the Pentagon was hit on 9-11 after Rumsfeld (Catholic) announced $2.3 TRILLION missing and Karen Hudes, IMF Whistleblower says money from Federal Reserve goes to the UK and on to the Vatican!? (at 7:30 min)

Nothing new: gold watches, wedding rings, teeth and fillings were ripped from Jewish holocaust victims in this Catholic war--Hitler was Catholic and he signed a concordat with Rome to make the world Cathoic when he won, which is why Spain & Italy joined Germany. 3min

Gold taken by Nazis ($550 million) was transferred to Swiss banks that paid $1.25 billion in restitution and transferred to the Vatican for “safekeeping” the Vatican denies all--will not open the records of those years
It’s no wonder that Revelation 17 describes the harlot as decked in gold and scarlet (color of cardinals) and is described as “drunken with the blood of saints.” Verse 6.

This may be true several ways:
1. Historians have estimated 50-100 million Protestants martyred for their faith as why so many risked life as sea or by Indians in the New World for freedom.
2. The holocaust victims were ~ 11 million Jews.
3. Rwanda: the Tutsis were Protestant and nearly a million were slaughtered when UN complied with the pope to “stand down” and let local [Catholic] government take care of it. The pope later said ‘sorry.’
4. Maybe also drunken with blood by Satanic rituals in the basement of Vatican-- (search: blood Vatican rituals)

How a billion Catholic Christians can remain so deceived is part of Babylon’s mystery when the plain language of the Bible calls them out so they will not suffer the plagues, Rev 18:2-4. Reader’s wanting a simple message on God’s love and plan to save any who are willing to repent and want help, here’s a book translated into 150 languages:

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