Neck pain is something that we have all experienced sitting in front of our computers for a long period of time. You focus on your work, sit in front of the computer for hours, and you are beating the deadline – but, at what cost?
After spending continuous days of working, you could notice that your neck stiffens. The neck pain is often accompanied by sore muscles and Headache Causes. There are many reasons why your neck hurts after sitting across a computer screen for a long time, some of which include sitting in a wrong posture, stress, and lack of physical activity for a long duration of time.

You have to understand the various reasons that have caused the neck pain to prevention and treatment of neck pain. The treatment of neck pain is specific to the cause. We have discussed a few causes, prevention, and treatment for neck pain below:

1. Posture Problems – The wrong posture is a common cause of neck pain. In the case of sitting in a wrong posture for a long period of time, your muscles are strained. Your spine and girdle build tension once you start experiencing neck soreness. The muscles tire after staying in the same posture for a long time. It becomes painful for the muscles surrounding the neck area.

According to Everything Health, the best prevention technique to avoid neck pain is to maintain a proper posture. Avoid sitting in the same position for several hours as it can severely strain your neck, back, and shoulders. If you cannot avoid sitting at work, you can limit your time to 30 minutes and get up for a quick break, walk, or stretch. Correct your posture. Avoid slouching by providing good support to your lower back. Another way to prevent neck pain at work is by switching to a standing cubicle at regular intervals. While standing and working, maintain a comfortable distance between both your feet and avoid slouching.

2. Wrong desk set-up – Your work station is very important as you spend most of your time there. It is critical that you place your desk well as it can contribute to neck pain. The height of the desk should complement your height as well as the chair. You should be able to type on your computer’s keyboard naturally. If the height is more, get a keyboard drawer.
To prevent neck pain due to a wrong desk placement, adjust your desk height to enable you to work comfortably. The desk should be enough to accommodate your computer, and the width should be enough to place a distance of 20-25 inches between you and the monitor screen.

3. Wrong chair – As important as your desk is, to maintain a proper posture, you need a comfortable chair. Invest in a good office chair which will help you to work in a sitting position for a long period time. The chair should be flexible and help you maintain a correct posture at all times.

Your chair should have lower back support to prevent slouching forward. It should support your natural position of sitting and not let your muscles strain. The seat’s height should be adjustable. Having the right chair solves half your problems. It is the economical treatment for neck pain caused by sitting at work.

4. Stress – Work stress is a probable cause of neck pain while sitting in front of a computer or laptop. Stress leads to building up tension in your shoulder muscles. You tend to slouch a little as you get anxious, it is part of your body’s response to stimuli. The slouching of shoulders cause tension in the muscles surrounding the neck as well.
This is one reason why stress management plays a significant role in getting rid of neck pain while sitting in the office. Stress could be managed by taking short breaks, taking a massage regularly, release work pressure by dealing with deadlines effectively and meditate away all the tensions. Neck pain is common among corporate employees.

Regular stretching and exercise also help in reducing tension developed in the neck and shoulder muscles. Do not take a neck pain lightly; it could cause a permanent strain in the neck muscles. If the pain lasts longer, consult a doctor.

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