The factor of Change is ever-present in our lives, whether it presents itself immediately or as a subtlety over centuries of time through a tradition of some type.

Let Us Leave it, With The Thought, That This Would Be Your Final Shift

At the Buffalo Ford Stamping Plant, there were two different areas: The Press Room, and the Metal Room. Both sides of this plant were as different as day and night in their particular nuances of presence. The air quality was significantly better on the Press side. Caution was required in lifting the sheet metal parts approaching you on the conveyor belt since they were as sharp as a razor blade, thus easily cutting through your work gloves.

As a worker, you were standing on a platform next to the press which weighed tons. After placing the part into the die of the press, you would step back, and with both hands, hit the hand pad which engaged the press to come down on part; then the press normally went back up and held in place. Once in awhile it would lurch back up momentarily then out of nowhere would come down again.

That was a scary feeling seeing that and knowing if you were not vigilant, this would be your final shift. The atmosphere found on the Medal side was a pervasively dark one, accentuated by the smoke in the air and the sparks from the welding guns.

While The Outside Buildings Remain The Same, The Inside Walls of Presence are Radically changed

Today, that same Stamping Plant is physically present, although inside its presence has completely changed with new painting, lighting, and the utilization of robots along with the elimination of the previous smoke pervaded atmosphere. Manufacturing’s past presence continues forward with today’s new technology.

In a similar way, our Church Buildings are physically present, although inside of its walls of presence have changed radically. The on-going priest molestation continues, while the shortages of both priests and women religious are evident and a new Communion Service, basically fills in when there is no priest available for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

The final blow is struck by the closure of Parish Church’s and, School’s which all reflect the inertia of the hierarchy of our Church. Our Church’s past presence, the very Sacrament Jesus initiated, is today a host of problems. In order to save it, Change is required.

Change Doesn’t Always Have To Mean Something New

A canon-lawyer, Renee LaReau, in her article, “O Father, Where Are Thou”? she refers to Ruth Wallace, who states, “ a canon law allows a bishop to appoint a layperson or deacon to run a parish if there is a shortage of priests in the diocese.”… Obviously, for the most part, this option has not been utilized, the mass number of Catholic Church’s closures attests to this fact.

Sister Chris Schenk CSJ, pointed out, the exception to that in 2012, in Cleveland, with the help of the late Sister Kate Kuenstler, who was a canon lawyer, there was a reversal on all eleven appeals. Sister Chris Schenk, added,” this was for not only closing of the Church, but for as well restoring the parish and, that had never happened before.”

Here, we have strikingly seen, how using an element of law from the past, literally saved Church’s from being closed. What about the actual footprint of Women’s actual presence in our past Church’s history? That isn’t conjecture, that is a fact, that indeed, is the simple truth of this issue.

No wonder that the Church hierarchy never acknowledges their own Church’s past history. For to do so, would expose their centuries-old cover-up of lies to any member of the Catholic Church.

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Margaret Mary O’Connor has made it her mission to reveal the truth of Your Catholic Church.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University At Buffalo (NY), and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, NY. She is a former Chaplain and is currently a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish where, ironically, the Church windows depict the Vatican II Council. One window represents the “Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World,” which includes an article that speaks directly to ending sexual discrimination of all kinds in our Church.
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