Up until now, causes of Alzheimer’s have only been speculated. Current ideas surround genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. One thing is for certain, though, Alzheimer’s disease has a huge impact on the brain – killing brain cells which leads to memory loss and impaired ability to function.

As scientific research into Alzheimer’s continues, we may now be one step closer to the cause. Researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina may have uncovered what they say could cause Alzheimer’s disease.

The brain cell behind Alzheimer’s
Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers used mice to come to their new findings. Previous study suggested that amyloid plaques and tangles of tau proteins in the brain worked together to develop Alzheimer’s. But researchers now say these two components in the brain are getting help from other cells.

The immune cell, called microglia, is supposed to protect the brain. But in the case of Alzheimer’s, this cell actually starts to weaken the immune system. Within laboratory mice that had Alzheimer’s, the microglia increases the amount of an anzyme called arginase. When this occurs, it depletes arginine, an essential amino acid to nerve cells.

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