There is no greater way to combine a complete body workout, get mental tranquility and produce nutritional products for your dinner table than to do gardening. By having your little private green heaven, you will not only reap what you've sowed but also you will have a chance to blend in with nature, enjoy in the quality family fun and get the much-needed recreation. Here are the most important health benefits of having and working in your lush garden.

Boost up your stamina

Without a doubt, doing only 30 minutes of gardening every morning will immensely increase your body endurance and boost your physical activity. Shoveling and digging might be demanding sometimes, but you will actually burn more than 330 calories by doing this moderate exercise. Additionally, your musculature will get more powerful as well as your joints and bones. By bending down, twisting and pulling up weeds your body does low-intensity aerobic exercises and you will not even notice that you are sweating which will definitely strengthen your entire body.

Provide spiritual tranquility

Since we live in a bustling era where we are surrounded with technological advancement, going out to your backyard and cultivating your plants for only half an hour will most certainly calm you down. The hectic lifestyle and constant encircling of electronic gadgets have a negative stimulus to your brain, so you should strive to be outside as much as possible. If you place LED solar garden lighting all around your backyard, you will create an even more pleasurable stress-free environment, which will greatly enhance your mood and outlook of your lush greeneries. By reducing your stress level, you reduce the risks of getting some heart diseases and you will improve your blood pressure. Be assured that everyday stress will definitely disappear if you just sit, relax and enjoy the splendid view of your blooming garden.

Get mental strength

It might sound strange, but doing regular gardening could lower the risk of dementia. Getting some regular workout and later enjoying in your products and the greenish Edan, which you have created with your own two hands, certainly positively affects your brain. This physical activity is a healthful moderator since it also improves your cognitive thinking. You will not be overwhelmed with frenetic chaos and thoughts that run in your mind if you do some digging and planting. Being outdoors surrounded by flowers has an immediate impact on happiness and in that way, the blood flow through your body will positively influence your mental well-being. Reading a book outside in your garden, listening to the birds and relishing in the fresh air will unquestionably captivate all your senses and thus calm you down.

Improve your nutrition

One of the most beneficial and healthiest effects of gardening is having your own veggies and fruits. Many of the products that we but at our local farmer’s market are picked prior to their transportation, so you might now always get fresh products. Knowing that you can harvest foods at their peak, you can be assured that you will get the essential vitamins and minerals out of your fresh products. You can also focus on planting organic products and use natural fertilizers and pesticides and in that way provide your whole family with nutritional meals. Having in mind that food on the market is rather expensive these days, by planting your vegetables you would also save money. Plus, when you put an effort into planting, watering and taking immaculate care of your own fruits and vegetables, you will have an enhanced habit to eat more of them, and change your diet to a more healthier one.

Connect with the gardening community

Alongside some of the obvious health benefits that meeting new people and socializing brings, getting acquainted with like-minded people who share the same passion for gardening has many welcoming factors. Firstly, in the ever-growing gardening community you can exchange ideas and experience, then you can get some much-needed tips and advice. What is more, when you get connected with amenable gardeners you will definitely foster community involvement and, most importantly, have a chance to trade and sell your products. Earning some extra cash in that way, you create the possibility to spend it on buying new seeds and improving your garden. One of the options would be to invite your friends for a visit and then engage them into starting their own private gardening business. When you stay connected with wider community and involve your close friends, be assured that you will improve your mental and physical health.

When you put an effort into doing gardening you enhance your spirit and mood. Once people around you see how happy and satisfied you are, they might start doing gardening as well. In the end, you will feel better as you improve your health by shoveling and you might make this hobby into a good paying job.

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Growing up on a village helped me become what I am today. Constantly surrounded by nature and animals my curiosity was satisfied. In my teen years I moved to a city and started helping out at my dad's construction company. This is how I got the idea to become a civil engineer.
Since then constantly studying and finding new projects to work on has taken almost all of my time. Buy hey that’s what I love doing so it’s not hard!