In his latest variance from tradition, Pope Francis said sinners were not subject to an eternity of punishment,

This is a true picture of God who has “no pleasure in the death of the wicked” but it overlooks the fine print—there will be a “Great White Throne” judgment when even the wicked are resurrected to see the love of Christ for their soul that they rejected to walk in their own way and when every knee to acknowledge His love and justice, those who were impenitent will be burned up as it says in Malachi 4:1.

That is not eternal torment, but the results are for all eternity, a loss to them for what they might have enjoyed in a new heaven and new earth after God purifies earth.

It has nothing to do with a man-made New World Order when the pope will be in charge, as seen in the imagery of a harlot riding the beast in Revelation 17.

But the pope’s break from tradition is interesting. Maybe scaring people to pay the priest to get their loved out out of hell or purgatory is not working as well as in the Dark Ages, or maybe the pope wants to be perceived as a good guy as king of Babylon, Rev 17.

The papacy signed a concordat with Hitler to assist him and in return, the world was to be Catholic when Hitler won World War II. So with the pope’s view of hell, Hitler gets off free with no punishment for the millions he murdered in gas chambers?

No, God is a God of justice as well as of mercy. He will forgive if we seek repentance, but He will not be excusing Hitler nor rebellion on our part.

It will be trouble for us if we reject God’s love letter (the Bible) as the pope has when he called it a dangerous book (it exposes the papal system used by Satan to deceive the world, (Rev 13:3,4 refers to Protestant Reformation)
That ‘beast’ (New World Order government in Revelation 13) is an image or look-alike to the amalgamation of the four beasts from Daniel 7 that the papacy has survived.

The Protestant Reformers were united in their belief that the little horn of Dan 7:25 represented the papacy.

Those “Protestant” church now side with the “Mother of Harlots” whom they no longer protest and will share in the destiny seen in Dan 7:11; Rev 17:16.

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