Summary: The world loves Pope Francis for his acceptance of everyone as they are—even atheists, but can he deliver the goods for a United Nations New World Order? Here are some potential problems:

1. A New World Order may be a tough sell. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” That's the pope's agenda with Sunday veiled for “family values” and the economy as debatable bait in his Laudato Si', par 237. Nevertheless, Congress seems to love the pope.
2. With two Protestants for every US Catholic, we recall Protestant Reformers held the papacy to be the little horn that grew out of the Roman Empire, represented by the 4th beast in the 7th chapter of Daniel. (Google) In verse 25, it has “great words,” persecuted saints and changed times and laws. “Lord God the Pope” is an official title, and claims to offer salvation...“great-words.”
3. 100 million Protestants were martyred in papal supremacy before the Protestant Reformation and Napoleon's capture of the pope who died in exile—it was a deadly wound to the beast power (political cartoon representing its nature) in the 13th chapter of Revelation where it's described as an amalgamation of the other beasts that it survived from Daniel's 7th chapter. Persecution is why early Americans fled Europe to risk death at sea and from indians or starvation for freedom here.
4. US founders wrote a Protestant Constitution with freedom of religion and speech. God blessed America in contrast to Catholic Latin America, but since Reagan appointed an ambassador to the Vatican, he also opened our southern border. We are gaining a majority who want free education, medical and welfare--millions who will who will do and vote as the priest says.
5. Changing times. The papacy blessed Sunday, the pagan day of sun worship in spite of no biblical basis to honor Sunday. The papacy accepts the homage that the world gives to this step-child of the papacy and its other pagan holidays like Halloween, Easter and Christmas as the 10th chapter of Jeremiah shows. They also gave us a calendar that abolishes the biblical new moons that now have no correlation with each new month. Roman Catholicism by Boettner on Amazon is good.
6. Changing laws, the Catechism eliminates the 2nd Commandment that forbids the images because their churches are full of images. Granting salvation for money is why the church is represented by a harlot decked in gold, involved with kings and governments and riding the beast (political cartoon) of New World Order in the 17th chapter of Revelation where it is called Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots who no longer protest her abominations.
The Bottom Line is no condemnation to anyone because of how they were taught. “The times of this ignorance God winks at,” but He commands repentance in a time of judgment such as we are coming to.

The confusion of Babylon is more than religion. It includes all systems of society such as public education, medical care with prescription drugs (now a leading cause of death due to adverse drug reactions), our executive, judiciary and legislative branches of government that are permeated with false principles. This is the basis of a call to come out and be separate or suffer the plagues that are said to be impending in the 18th chapter of Revelation.

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